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Author Subject: Specialty Risk Services, Tualatin, OR
Zoe Posted At 14:45:18 12/07/2000
Is anyone else out here in Oregon having problems with their Workman's Comp claim with an insurance company called Specialty Risk Services in Tualatin, Oregon????

I have had nothing but problems with their botching of my claim since Day One. Checks for the wrong amounts, erratic payment schedule, no returning of my phone calls, blah blah blah.

Anyone else out there having the same problems? If so, who are you working with ( or trying to work with ) at Specialty Risk Services?

And other than filing a complaint with the Sanctions Group down there in Salem, is there any other 'legal remedy' to lodge a complaint against these people?
Advocate Re: Specialty Risk Services, Tualatin, OR (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:36:24 12/07/2000

Call the Ombudsman at 800-927-1271 for help and to get it documented Zoe.

The problems that you are having is typical, and by design from past legislative efforts, You are suffering from Carrier fraud, They do this all of the time because they now that you have no recourse. Even if you do file a complaint with the sanctions group they can fine them only 25% of the cost of the claim, which from the amount you may be receiving for time loss isn't much of a fine.

And you will never know if they were fined, It is not like you will receive a letter from them complaining that they were fined because of you.

If the carrier has overpaid you, then you owe them, and believe me they will want it NOW, If they under pay you, then they take there time in correcting the MISTAKE, Like I said it is called FRAUD.

Call them every day or every hour, I have done this in the past. Sometimes it works and sometime it doesn't.
Right know their is no legal remedy to force the carriers into following the workers comp laws, This is by legislative design Zoe.

Your best bet is to call the Ombudsmans office.
Joe Re: Specialty Risk Services, Tualatin, OR (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 09:00:45 12/13/2000

How funny to see this I was just getting ready to drop a note... I have had them for 3 years now and because they have been over paying me I owe them 2600..Which if I get any kind of settlement they will take..
Thefer Re: Specialty Risk Services, Tualatin, OR (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:32:14 12/16/2000


I had the chance to deal with Speciality Risk. I got involved with them when i got hurt on the job. It took them a while to approve my claim but they did. My claim got passed around a couple times to different adjusters. I called them every day till they called me back. I finally called the manager everyday, which got the ball rolling. Finally after almost 7 weeks, they approved it. They are paying for my medical bills. I did have alot of problems at first but when i call them, they call me right back.. They also assigned me a nurse case worker who is helping me with medical care, trying to get prescriptions covered and making sure i received what i need. She is also a vocational counselor and is there to lend an ear when something goes wrong. Try calling Ombudsman and get some advice. Call your adjuster everyday and find out who the adjuster manager is. Find out what they need to approve the claim and do your own work. I had to call my drs office to get my files faxed to the adjuster. Once they did that, it was approved. Don't just sit around with them. Nothing will happened. Good luck.

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