How long does a WC appeal take?

Author Subject: How long does a WC appeal take?
just wanna know Posted At 15:01:30 12/07/2000
I recently won part of my comp. case and it was immediately appealed.
Anyone else out there that has been through the process, and knows the approximate time frame?
How about how many times a month the court of appeals resides?
I found their web postings, and they are spread up to a week apart.Thank heavens for public records, hopefully I will be seeing myself on there soon.With things all going my way.
Advocate Re: How long does a WC appeal take? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:57:01 12/07/2000

Don't be to proud of the fact that your name will be on their website. Potential Employers also visit these websites too.
The DCBS used to sell the names of Injured workers to employers, By law they are not supposed to do this, but they still do.

From your posting the carrier appealed your win, It depends on how complex you claim is and what you should receive. Expect months to pass before you are contaced about their appeal.
Nobody really wins in a workers comp claim except for the carriers.
Lifetime medical is limited to what they will pay for by law.
Re-training is a joke, If you spent a better part of your working life in one occupation it will be even harder for you to find work after training
Because you have no experience in what you were trained for
The carrier won't assist you in finding work.
I know this is depressing to hear.

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