A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here?????

Author Subject: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here?????
Merle Campbell Posted At 18:33:07 12/09/2000
I am a dyed in the wool Republican. It pains me however to think my own
political party would willfully "spin the facts" out of control and lie
to the American people and continue to say that all the Florida votes have
been counted, over and over again. Its a lie, ALL the votes have not been
counted. The under votes spit out by the counting machines have yet to be
counted. For the Republicans to say they have been counted several times
is an outright falsehood. The truth has been ignored, just like your
workers comp cases throughout the nation. Particularly in Florida, Texas
and of course here in Oregon. See a pattern here?

I am the spouse of an injured worker. It also pains me that the
Republicans have killed almost all benefits to injured workers in the last
decade. A few democrats have helped them do it. The Republicans in my
opinion are the flag bearers of socalled tort reform, which gave birth to
"exclusive remedy". Tort reform is a Republican rally cry for; we will
stop you from suing our wealthy contributers that have harmed you.

I would be happy to see a fair and just end to the election, whoever the
winner. However if a winner is declared without a fair and complete count
of all the votes in Florida that winner will be a illegitimate "Bastard
President" with a equally bastard cabinet. This will not fly in the face
of at least half of the American people.

The closeness of this race has signaled that the reign of terror by the
Republicans against women, minorities, gays, the working class and injured
workers is about over. George Bush has helped make this possible.

Thank you George,

F. Merle Campbell Jr.
Colonel, AUS (Retired)

Jim Re: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here????? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:42:57 12/09/2000

We have a lying bastard president and we are going to get a illegitimate
lying bastard president next? Two in a row? What did we do to deserve
this? I am just a poor guy trying desperately to make ends meet and all
this time I thought all the lying bastards were insurance company doctors.
We can't win.
What if? Re: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here????? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:53:56 12/10/2000

It never seems to amaze me that they want you to vote. And then when you do, now they are trying to control who's can and can't be counted. But I'll bet if they knew it could be their votes, they would insist that they were counted and counted without question.
I think all votes should be counted no matter what, or how long (within reason) it takes to guarantee that each citizen who voted had their vote heard and counted. After all that is what this country is all about, Right?
I am non-partison, but I do believe that there are still some people who can help in the plight of the injured worker. So when they are running for office, I will surely be there hoping my vote will be counted.....
Tarzan Re: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here????? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 11:30:13 12/10/2000

I have a birth defect, I'm German Swedish American. And broke down to boot, not to mention a liar, and taking or trying to take advantage of the system.

One you guys are leaving out, is the Black Vote, they changed the poling places in black areas, who of coarse would vote for Gore. These poor people went from one place to another, to vote and were turned away, because they were not registered to vote there. Then told the poles were closed.

The republicans set up a protest, so the votes would not be counted, on the grounds, we can't finish the count on time. They are stalling sence they are ahead at this moment. Much like the end of a football game, take a delay of game penalty, so you don't have to give up the ball. Take a knee and run out the clock.

If Bush wins I wouldn't be surprised, but I would be disapointed. Remember Ronnie Reagan and the trickle down theory.

Also some supreme court positions come up, a woman's right to choose.

Texas minimum wage $3.35, and they are no different than Oregon, on Worthle$$ Comp.

And don't let the insurance companies polarize you on the guy working on the roof, or playing ball. Doing something that could be called normal. Remember who the bad guys are, the ones trying to starve you into seeing things their way. I wouldn't consider, someone sneaking in the bushes, trump, to a life time disability. And the lack of support when a man needs it most, hurt, discouraged, undertrained, and unprepaired for a new way of life.

Isn't it odd that a man can work steady, and make a good living, Union wages, $50,000 per year, but once he is hurt, he is a liar, a fraud, and a waiste to humanity. You can accept the surgery that will, cripple you for sure, and take, $15,000 and no work, or fight, and risk, the guy in the bushes, and the IME doctors, paid to muddy the waters enough to throw things into litigation. Where they can pay ten cents on the dollar.
exasperated Re: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here????? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 16:08:39 12/10/2000

Only in America can a winner lose and a loser win. Just like my comp case.
I was injured on the job with witness. My doctor documented the injury.
The comp carrier denies I am hurt. I have xrays, I have expenses, I have
no money. I was a bread winner, now I am looked at like a loser, WC
should have lost so far they have wone.
Tarzan Re: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here????? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:01:03 12/10/2000

Exasperated, it's nothing personal, it's all about money, which is more important than you or me.

Get your story out, they read this site, to use it against you, but still it gets read.

It doesn't do much good to contact Senator's, and Media, but do it anyway.

And if you feel depressed see someone for it, the insurance company is more paraniod of depression than, your obvious broken bones.

Document everything, use a calendar, and document your progress, your conversations with the insurance company, the doctor, your lawyer, your boss, your pain sensations, which will change over time.
Sam Re: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here????? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 16:33:18 12/11/2000

On behalf of the Republican party, I would be glad to accept your resignations!
Merle campbell Re: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here????? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:00:01 12/11/2000

Dear Sam;

Thank you for your message. I however will continue as a life long
Republican. I will also continue to vote for the best candidate on the
ballot even if that vote goes to the Democratic candidate. I believe in
the civil rights of all United States citizens, not just corporate America.

I further believe that if you listen close to what Jim Baker had to say
regarding the Florida ballots you have a perfect example of the spin and
talents of the insurance and businees lobby as they unfairly attack the
injured workers of this country. If I see a candidate that is pro-worker
not at the expense of the abillity of business to make a profit and that
candidate is also pro-business and not at the expense of the worker I will
vote for him or her. What I see is a lop sided affection for the money
contributed by big business and insurance companies to our elected
officials. So for now since, I don't see that candidate on the ballots, I
will vote for the candidate that appears to favor the workers of America.

The needs of the workers and their families are just as important as the
welfare of big business. There has to be equity somewhere. Big busines
is not entitled to more rights than the working class, however HMO's and
workers comp carrier's have more rights than you and I in exclusive remedy
and protection from lawsuits.

Sam, are you immune to lawsuit as a protected class? If you injure someone
while at fault in a accident should you not be resposible for the damages
to the injured's well being? Thats the protection that HMO's and workers
comp and some business's enjoy. They bought that protection from your and
my state legislature and from our Congress of the United States. Most of
them are Republicans.

I have been a small business owner. I was and still am a consumer advocate
on automobile and safety issues. I am a retired military member. I have
worked with both state and federal lawmakers in all of those capacities. I
have written lanquage, both federal and state, that became law.

With the clear exception of former Senator Mark Hatfield, and a very few
other (mostly Oregon) fine Republicans that I fully respect and admire, I
have found it very difficult to even be heared on certain issues. Most,
but not all, of support on issues important to all of us little people has
come from the Democrats. The Republican party has become, in my very
humble opinion, a vast tool for the rich, powerful and lately the extreme
religious right. (As a Seventh Day Adventist I am not anti-religious.)

Why should union support for a candidate receive Joe McCarthy like rebuke
of a Democratic candidate from the Republicans as if the union was full of
socialist commies and criminal undesirables? Why shouldn't corprate greed
and blood money be tainted to a Republican candidate? Lets be fair here.

For now most of our political donations go to people willing to fight for
issues of fairness, equity, civil rights, minorities, the poor, the
homeless and the injured workers of this country. I do not believe in
corporate welfare, but thats what we have at the outrageous expense of the
little people.

And Sam, once again I pass on your kind offer of accepting my resignation
from the Grand Old Party.

F. Merle Campbell Jr.
Colonel, Army of the United States, Retired
unknown Re: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here????? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:03:00 12/22/2000

I find it interesting how the media can influence people. How can you count votes that aren't there. I personally know people that didn't like either candidate, so they didn't vote. So now, we take their votes and count them as if they did? There obviously was a reason. Anyway, it's over now, and we have the first black secretary of state, a black woman in the cabinet, a woman in charge of the EPA, and women are somehow being screwed?

Maybe you should find out the facts before you type all this. I'm actually happy with our president elect and believe he won it fair and square.

I think there would have been just as much finger pointing if Al Gore would've won.

The government won't solve your problems, we must fight for ourselves
Color Purple Re: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here????? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:35:52 12/23/2000


It sounds like you are a man living in the twilight zone. I make less than
the lowest paid man in my office. He has a family, I am a black single
woman. I have a degree in business and working on my masters. The low man
on the rung of pay scales here has a high school GED and little college. I
have several years experiance. He has no experiance, I have been task with
bringing him up to speed.

Now that George Bush has appointed a black man and a black women to his
cabinet, is that going to fix the pay inequity? My dad is out of work
because of a job injury, will those appointments make my dad a hot
commodity in the job market?

According to the polls less than 10% of the black vote was for George Bush.
My employer said if Al Gore became President the bottom would fall out of
the stock market and our company would fall with it. Its nice to know that
George Bush will fix that.

If government is for the rich people by the rich people, what is there
for just us people? Is the bill of rights just for the rich?
Your right color purple Re: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here????? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:47:59 12/24/2000

George Bush doesn't know which end of a tooth brush to hold, he's dumber than a box of rocks, and we are stuck with him for 4 years, unless, some one proves he did steal the election, which he obviously did.
Unknown Re: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here????? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 11:40:17 12/26/2000

I don't think whoever is president has any hold on what kind of pay I get. I think that's up to us as individuals. We need to demand more! I work in an office enviroment and make just as much as any male person I work with. I think once we start expecting more, than we will get more. In fact I see more women then men advance in most cases.

I'm just trying to point out, whoever would have been president, life is what you make of it. Just trying to get a more positive outlook to what is an otherwise dreary message board.

If we can survive Clinton, we can survive anything!!

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