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stephen Posted At 20:40:15 12/09/2000
I've been reading peoples opinons and can say that they are interesting. I injured my back at the job picking up a plank on Nov.20 and took the rest of the week off to rest. I went back to work on Nov. 27 and have had pain so bad that it takes my breath away. I worked Dec.7 and told the foreman I wasn't working tomorrow unless my back feels better. My boss doesn't send my paycheck home in retaliation. I've been working for 3 weeks injured and the boss could care less. This weekend my back is so tight that I have pain almost all the time, now this is my delima: should I first contact a lawyer to get advice on what to do so that I don't end up without any help? I belive that the Com.System is geared to defend the employer cause of stories I've read and heard from its victims. Here I sit back in pain which seems to happen alot the older you get working in the construction trades and I don't have much hope that there is going to be any help. That doesn't say much for our so call safety net. My thought is that legal advice from the moment of injury is your best defence in this present hostile enviorment that we all work in. Im not advocating sueing every chance that you get but that being informed can't hurt no pun intended. I worked in Oregon and Washington and heard of the terrible treatment that injured people recive at the hand of Ins. Companys. I fell and recived a bad contunsion on my arm and lost 2 weeks of work and recived nothing from Washinton St. workmans com. but the $8.00 that I spent on pain medicen. I wish anyone good luck in this present system if they get injured from a 53 year old plaster in northern Calif.

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