Re: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here?????

Author Subject: Re: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here?????
Tarzan Posted At 11:30:13 12/10/2000
I have a birth defect, I'm German Swedish American. And broke down to boot, not to mention a liar, and taking or trying to take advantage of the system.

One you guys are leaving out, is the Black Vote, they changed the poling places in black areas, who of coarse would vote for Gore. These poor people went from one place to another, to vote and were turned away, because they were not registered to vote there. Then told the poles were closed.

The republicans set up a protest, so the votes would not be counted, on the grounds, we can't finish the count on time. They are stalling sence they are ahead at this moment. Much like the end of a football game, take a delay of game penalty, so you don't have to give up the ball. Take a knee and run out the clock.

If Bush wins I wouldn't be surprised, but I would be disapointed. Remember Ronnie Reagan and the trickle down theory.

Also some supreme court positions come up, a woman's right to choose.

Texas minimum wage $3.35, and they are no different than Oregon, on Worthle$$ Comp.

And don't let the insurance companies polarize you on the guy working on the roof, or playing ball. Doing something that could be called normal. Remember who the bad guys are, the ones trying to starve you into seeing things their way. I wouldn't consider, someone sneaking in the bushes, trump, to a life time disability. And the lack of support when a man needs it most, hurt, discouraged, undertrained, and unprepaired for a new way of life.

Isn't it odd that a man can work steady, and make a good living, Union wages, $50,000 per year, but once he is hurt, he is a liar, a fraud, and a waiste to humanity. You can accept the surgery that will, cripple you for sure, and take, $15,000 and no work, or fight, and risk, the guy in the bushes, and the IME doctors, paid to muddy the waters enough to throw things into litigation. Where they can pay ten cents on the dollar.

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