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Tarzan Posted At 11:43:57 12/10/2000
Your doctor should be able to help.

A good muscle relaxer hopefully will do the trick.

Take a tennis ball, and put it where it hurts, and role up on it gently.

ICE a large bag, have your wife or someone help, get a towel wet, and hot, ring it out.

Put it where it hurts, and put the ice on top of the towel, the cold will sneak up on you insted of shocking you.

I call it the corn cob up the ass. You can't stand up, and you can't bend over. Try to get moving, bending stretching, twisting.

Hopefully in a couple of days, it'll go away, but do get some muscle relaxers, I use Soma, and Motrin, works, and yet allows you to function normally.

I suppose the real problem is a disk out of alignment, surgery, will probably make it worse, try all the easy stuff first.

If this guy lays you off, you were looking for a job, when you found this one.

Good Luck Ph

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