Re: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here?????

Author Subject: Re: A Bastard President? A Bastard Cabinet? Just maybe a lesson here?????
Merle campbell Posted At 21:00:01 12/11/2000
Dear Sam;

Thank you for your message. I however will continue as a life long
Republican. I will also continue to vote for the best candidate on the
ballot even if that vote goes to the Democratic candidate. I believe in
the civil rights of all United States citizens, not just corporate America.

I further believe that if you listen close to what Jim Baker had to say
regarding the Florida ballots you have a perfect example of the spin and
talents of the insurance and businees lobby as they unfairly attack the
injured workers of this country. If I see a candidate that is pro-worker
not at the expense of the abillity of business to make a profit and that
candidate is also pro-business and not at the expense of the worker I will
vote for him or her. What I see is a lop sided affection for the money
contributed by big business and insurance companies to our elected
officials. So for now since, I don't see that candidate on the ballots, I
will vote for the candidate that appears to favor the workers of America.

The needs of the workers and their families are just as important as the
welfare of big business. There has to be equity somewhere. Big busines
is not entitled to more rights than the working class, however HMO's and
workers comp carrier's have more rights than you and I in exclusive remedy
and protection from lawsuits.

Sam, are you immune to lawsuit as a protected class? If you injure someone
while at fault in a accident should you not be resposible for the damages
to the injured's well being? Thats the protection that HMO's and workers
comp and some business's enjoy. They bought that protection from your and
my state legislature and from our Congress of the United States. Most of
them are Republicans.

I have been a small business owner. I was and still am a consumer advocate
on automobile and safety issues. I am a retired military member. I have
worked with both state and federal lawmakers in all of those capacities. I
have written lanquage, both federal and state, that became law.

With the clear exception of former Senator Mark Hatfield, and a very few
other (mostly Oregon) fine Republicans that I fully respect and admire, I
have found it very difficult to even be heared on certain issues. Most,
but not all, of support on issues important to all of us little people has
come from the Democrats. The Republican party has become, in my very
humble opinion, a vast tool for the rich, powerful and lately the extreme
religious right. (As a Seventh Day Adventist I am not anti-religious.)

Why should union support for a candidate receive Joe McCarthy like rebuke
of a Democratic candidate from the Republicans as if the union was full of
socialist commies and criminal undesirables? Why shouldn't corprate greed
and blood money be tainted to a Republican candidate? Lets be fair here.

For now most of our political donations go to people willing to fight for
issues of fairness, equity, civil rights, minorities, the poor, the
homeless and the injured workers of this country. I do not believe in
corporate welfare, but thats what we have at the outrageous expense of the
little people.

And Sam, once again I pass on your kind offer of accepting my resignation
from the Grand Old Party.

F. Merle Campbell Jr.
Colonel, Army of the United States, Retired

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