My last week of workers comp

Author Subject: My last week of workers comp
Suzy Posted At 09:15:08 12/13/2000
Hi all!!
My claim is closed this week and voc rehab is done as well!! I am happy and scared at the same time! I had foot issues which I had two surgeries for and a little better. My DR wrote the insurance carrier my final report. I dont really have any loss of motion but I am not to stand for more than 2 hours in a 8 hour day and not to lift more than 15 lbs consistantly. I have no use of two of my toes which she says I have lost 2 digets in these. My question is will I get any kind of settlement from them? The insurace carrier said that I would get a certain dollar amount per degree lost. Is percent and Degree the same? I owe them money due to them over paying me and need to make sure that I get something to pay them back.. Go figure who would of thought I would end up owing them? LOL
thanks for all the listening over time!
Tarzan Re: My last week of workers comp (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:55:44 12/13/2000

You won't have to pay them back, it's just one of their scams, to get out of giving you a decent settlement.

Somewhere down the line Del posted some information on what a degree is worth.

What is actually important, is do you still have work with your old employer, pre-injury? If you continue working for him, your settlement will be less, but at least you'll have a job.

And hopefully you'll be able to deal with the pain. Much like the sunrise, and sunset, you can count on things not going as well as you would assume would be fair.
Suzy Re: My last week of workers comp (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:13:54 12/13/2000

No, I do not have an employer to go back to and trying to get a job sitting. I had an interview the other day and was told that I had no experience in this field. I guess it will take time!!
mac Re: My last week of workers comp (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:07:21 12/13/2000

Suzy, when a claim gets closed and you have permanent damage, the insurer will evaluate the damage of your foot. They will base the rating of disability on medical reports. They will figure out the % loss and convert it to degree loss. The money paid for each degree lost is based on your date of injury. That dollar amount is set by law. This is not called a "settlement" but an Award. If your insurance company paid time-loss to you, after you became medically stationary, they have the right to get the overpayment back. They can deduct it from the disability award. Hope this answers you questions.
Tarzan Re: My last week of workers comp (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:20:16 12/13/2000

Don't be too uppitty about a new job, and that may help. Both pay and type of job.

I looked for 2-1/2 years, had one job for less than 2 months, in my new light duty capacity. I had to quit it was like I was a little kid, and could do no right, plus it gaulled me to work for half the wages, at nearly twice the hours, in a little cubby hole about 5 X 5, I could roll around in.

No reason you can't take a job and keep looking.

I also hated working for a rat contractor, trying to sell work to people who couldn't speak English.

And it was my fault, I couldn't find work.

The system SUCKS. Every thing they have told you and every thing on their flyers are all LIES.
Suzy Re: My last week of workers comp (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 09:22:12 12/14/2000

Thanks Tarzan,
I didnt think about that! When I was in the interview I must of come across to strong, wanting the job and all.. I will try to keep the begging to a small roar.. :)

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