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Author Subject: Re: A Test, Retrain the Typical Office Girl for Heavy Construction
Advocate Posted At 12:21:47 12/14/2000
No I don't work for liberty Northwest.
I am also an Injured worker, I was injured in 1996, I consider myself an advocate for Injured workers, I am in constant contact with my district representative. One thinmg that everyone here needs to realize is that their are alot of new lawmakers this session, Our Legislature is a citizen body made up from private citizens, Many of them don't have an understanding of Oregons comp system, If you want to make a difference get in touch with these new lawmakers and educate them about what you have had to go through, That is the only way that this system will ever be changed.
The laws have to changed by lawmakers, Forums like this won't make a difference to them.

I understand what Tarzan is going through, I am experiencing the same thing. But I am using my time constructively.
If you really want to make a difference contact you representative in Salem
The average representative has 95,000 people in their district, For every letter they receive, it represents a large number of people with the same concern. There is nothing wrong with venting. Oregonians typically complain and do nothing about the problems, Look at the WTO protests, Breaking windows won't make a difference, Venting in a message forum won't make a difference, Working to bring to light what injured workers are forced to endure will.

This message forum good for injured workers to make contact with each , Stop other repeating the same thing over and over.
Work to educate our lawmakers, No matter what you may think about them, we are stuck with the people who are put in Salem, make the best of it.

Write letters, make phone calls, e-mail them. The average person in this state doesn't have clue as to who their representatives are, That should tell you something, Get Involved, Quit using this forum as a place to complain and work to change the system for all injured workers not just yourselves.
but stop sitting on your hands and get involved

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