Author Subject: I need ADVICE PLEASE?
Mike maxey Posted At 14:59:27 12/22/2000
Hi i work with adults with mental retardtion and on sept 9 1999 i was injuried myjob requires us to do physical restraints on adults with mental retardation when needeed ok here my problem my employer made me work with 2 adult man who have major behaviors each man require by law 1 staff per patiant i was watch 2 adults with require 6 ppl to restrain them if they went off. while i was taking care of one the othercharged me in my back causing a ruptured L-5 disc i had surgry i am on w/c here my question? i in delaware why cant a employee hold the employer responisble for wrongful suit in other words im being told my case if with w/c not my employer who caused me to be injured if ainury happens becuse of a employer fault and you can prove that why cant employee take employers to court? lawyer said by law i cannot? dont make sense anyone know im despared i was hurt and i want make sure noone else has o get hurt mike
moneymamma.com Re: I need ADVICE PLEASE? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:52:40 12/26/2000

i think you should sue because you were hurt on the job
betty cook Re: I need ADVICE PLEASE? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:43:48 06/23/2001

I work with 9 adults and one client that requires several staff to use mant holds i have 1 staff person with me if you had used the right mant holds and guidelines you would have not gotten hurt my employer sees that if a client goes off you are required by law to get another staff i find it hard to think that you were alone with 2 hard to handle clients.

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