Measure 81-related info,ergonomics,Supreme Court.

Author Subject: Measure 81-related info,ergonomics,Supreme Court.
Webmaster Posted At 23:47:42 02/19/2000
Below is part of an e-mail that I have recieved from Mike Maier, The
secretary of (CPIW), committed to protect Injured workers. I hope you
don't mind if I relay this Info to all interested readers of this forum


ERGONOMICS: Lin Marie Crider of the Oregon AFL-CIO reported that she is
working on a demonstration at the Portland ergonomics hearing. Planning on
the action will begin after the AFL-CIO
issues conference. Bob Williams took the lead in a discussion on the
importance of ergonomics. It was suggested that people watch the OSHA
website. Concern in our group clearly rests with increasing enforcement and
working from a federal standard to a state standard. Our coalition needs to
discuss strategies for inceasing performance.

Bonnie Jeglin reported that she has been visiting OPEU
Locals and signing people up into CPIW. Bonnie and Mike Maier are putting
together an info packet to assist organizing. Our group discussed possible
changes in children's working hours: the AFL-CIO has done an e-mailing on
this. There is a need for us to reach out to people working at BOLI and
bring them in to our coalition. There is a need to reach out to an organize
injured workers who have fallen through the cracks of the system. Possible
suggestions on how to organize injured workers: a high profile media
campaign, working through comp attorneys and working with the OPEU homecare
campaign. People interested in forming a working group to begin this
organizing are: Dave Bolton, Billy Washington and Bob Williams. They will
work on a pamphlet and will report on this at our next meeting.

SUPREME COURT CASES: Jennifer Webber reported on exclusive remendy and
other cases, some going back to 1997. Jennifer handed out a great deal of
important information which needs circulation. She will see if the trial
lawyers will move to publicize these cases. She reported on the Mannix run
for Attorney General as he is running and collecting funds. He is anti-comp
so there is a need to bird-dog his campaign. Jennifer gave a Measure 81
update: this measure, if passed, will add a new provision to the
Constitution which caps damages in litigation. It protects employers and is
backed by AOI. Attorneys want employers to oppose Measure 81. The attorneys
do not want us to talk about comp in relation to Measure 81 as the two
issues do not coincide. We should oppose Measure 81 and Jennifer will keep
us informed. Ballots go out on April 28.

Webmaster comments:

I am suspicious of Asscoiated Oregon Industries and their backing of Measure
81, with the upcoming Supreme Court Ruling in the Smothers case I feel that if this
measure is passed it will have a direct effect on the amout of damages that injured
worker should recieve if the Supreme Court rules in favor of Smothers.
The wording of a measure and the implimention of a passed measure are two things
This measure needs to be DEFEATED, It is just another way for AOI to protect
their member business, it will, if passsed, limit the amount of money an Injured worker
would recieve if the Supreme court rules that Exclusive Remedy Illegal.
Also Mannix is gathering dollars for another run for the Attorney General seat
If he wins this seat he will do far more harm to workers and their right to safe
and heathful work enviroments than he could ever do as Governor. Mannix will be
very dangerous as Oregons next Attorney General, I smell a bumper sticker do you all.

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