Bush considers Mannix for U.S. Attorney

Author Subject: Bush considers Mannix for U.S. Attorney
Advocate Posted At 16:47:56 12/26/2000
Bush Considers Mannix for U.S. Attorney
December 26, 2000, 08:15 AM

Kevin Mannix, who narrowly lost the November attorney general's race, said Bush's transition team has asked that he consider the state's U.S. Attorney post.

Mannix, who also has completed his fifth House term, said Monday he received a call from someone connected with the transition team, asking him to be a candidate.

"I have notified a lot of the Republican Party stalwarts in the state that I have shifted to be a candidate," he said.

Kris Olson, the Clinton appointee who has held the position for seven years, has made it clear she wants to keep the job.

Legal observers say that's unlikely. Clinton asked all 93 U.S. Attorneys to resign during his first term, and many expect Bush will do the same. But it could be weeks or months before the Bush addresses the appointments.

Three others with Republican connections have said they're interested in the job. Two are assistance U.S. attorneys -- Kenneth C. Bauman and Michael W. Mosmon. The third is Rep. Rob Patridge, R-Medford.

Mannix, who has practiced law for 25 years, including 17 in the private sector, is best known for his work on the ballot measure that set mandatory sentences for violent criminals.

Advocate Re: Bush considers Mannix for U.S. Attorney (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 16:50:47 12/26/2000

Here is the link...Copy, Paste, and PLEASE read!

Old Timer Re: Bush considers Mannix for U.S. Attorney (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 09:04:11 12/27/2000

I already read my morning Oregonian and promptly threw up my corn flakes and toast. Hang on folks, this is just the beginning of the Bush Era. Remember, Bush's folks came to Mannix first, not he to them.
Old Timer
Chris Mannix doesn't stand a chance (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:13:44 12/29/2000

It'll never happen. The Anyone BUT Kevin Mannix site at http://www.kevinmannix.com has been updated.

You'll see under the table "Justice for All Political Committee, Kevin Mannix Treasurer" at http://www.kevinmannix.com/Mannix_Campaign_Contributors.htm
(halfway down the page) that his politial committee took $8,300.00 from Liberty Northwest and then used it for his law firm and to a corporation he's president of.

This could develop into a scandal, something the Bush administration would want no part in.

unknown Re: Bush considers Mannix for U.S. Attorney (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:35:12 01/24/2001

That you for the information...Ernest Delmazzo!

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