Injured worker now 3rd class citizen

Author Subject: Injured worker now 3rd class citizen
Margo Posted At 09:41:31 12/27/2000
I was injured at work in April 2000, I was stupid and went to Kaiser to get my injury looked at. Now 8 months later I have finally got a diagnosis of a fractured and dislocated foot.I had to go to a different doctor to get the proper diagnosis. Had surgery two weeks ago to try to peice together the mess. Now they tell me the best I can hope for is 20% of my foot back and hopefully be painfree. Kaiser Doctors told me that since I had workers comp they are limited on the tests they can give. My god they made me walk around on a broken and dislocated foot for 8 months. Doesn't workers comp pay for xrays and cat scans? I have been treated like a third class citizen ever since the injury. I guess by what I have read from outer posts I am not alone. I have really had my eyes opened since my injury about this whole workmans comp thing. It has taken me almost two months to get the mileage reimbusement, been off work for two weeks since the surgery and have not recieved any money and now workers comp say that they will only accept the claim as a strain. Whats wrong with these people. I am a county worker making good money, I have been to the counties Risk Management classes saying how it is better to be self insured so they can take better care of the workers. Bunk! Liars! Now I am afraid I will loose my job because of the surgery, can tey do this?
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Posted At 13:19:08 12/27/2000


Hopefully you have a attorney already retained. I know some on this board haven't had good luck with them but there are good ones out there.

Your right about the 3rd class status, things will never be the same. You will be veiwed as the enemy for along time to come, and people will look at you like you are trying to pull something, my injury is very old in the comp. system and I am still jumping through all the hoopes, but even after all this time and not being able to work, I still have people quizing me on a regular basis. Especially other employees at work, and boy can they turn words around to use you as a stepping stone.

I have finally gotten to the point when someone askes me how I am, I just say "fine thank you". And when asked specifically about my injury I heard a great one from a woman who had just had a pretty good sized stroke, she said "Thank You for asking, I'm doing the same, End of Subject". And I think that is my new answer.

I guess what I am trying to say is the rules have changed and you are now the opponent on the other team. I don't think they can fire you because of your injury, but that doesn't mean that they can't find something else!

Like I said I hope you have a attorney, at least consult one. And from one injured worker to another I wish you a quick recovery and a full one....

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