Re: can anyone point me in the right direction????????

Author Subject: Re: can anyone point me in the right direction????????
Kim Posted At 09:56:47 02/20/2000
To Kay- Thank you for responding to my post. Believe me I'm on this computer for hours researching both the state & federal laws, as well as visiting as many web sites as I can in search of info. I don't want to just sit back & allow them to do this but I must admit, I'm at a loss as to how I can helpfully resist and where to begin. I was a supervisor for 14 years & always believed that workers compensation was FOR the employee (thanks to never having dealt with it personally & managements interpretation). I have learned the hard way that this is a falsehood that most people are sucked into believing. I'm very vocal about my situation to anyone & everyone who will listen. I'm trying to get the average joe to realize how unjust the comp system is, that it is not this protective sheild for injured employees. The lives that are devastated, the losses over & above the actual injury/injuries are horrific. Again thank you & I can assure I'm not going to walk away without a fight.

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