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You do need a attorney Posted At 11:15:43 12/29/2000
I know I have said this over and over, but you need a good attorney. They are hard to find but I have found one, and he is in Oregon. My case is similar, at least give him a call, he gives a free consultation.
I wish I had, had him in the beginning when work was starting to treat me like dirt. I can't tell you how much my life improved, when they knew I had him. Sure you will have to pay him if you win, and for me the piece of mind in knowing that he knew what to do and did it was worth all of it. I just wanted my medical bills paid, and to be able to recover without the hassles of not knowing the comp. system.
No, I don't work for this lawyer, but its my way of giving help. In the hopes that one person might not have to go through all the crap that I did.
And he will tell you if he can help you or not and if he can't he will tell you. 1-888-7complaw...what do you have to loose no more that you aready have...Good Luck!!!

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