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Author Subject: Re: Get back to work and quit whining!!!!!!
Short Time, Long Memory Posted At 21:44:56 12/29/2000

Quite frankly, D!ckless, its A$$H@L#$ like you that seem to permeate the
workers comp system.

Insurance company doctors lie for dollars, stealing money from injured
workers in the form of high priced bribes in the guise of huge fees for
independant medical exams.

Insurance companys deny claims for real workplace injuries. Uunsafe auto
repairs are, uncovered by 20/20, arranged by State Farm and Farmers Ins
as mentioned on news shows. Other insurance companys participate in
consumer auto repair fraud. In general the insurance industry has a
reputation created by a tradition of operating in bad faith against the

I have never worked for the Post Office. I now well understand the
effects of a upside down system that is wearing very thin on the best
of us.

When there is too much road left and too little time to get to the end,
there are a few that have nothing to risk by taking a short cut. There
are some that simply don't give a $h!t, especially when the causation is
outragously corrupt, grossly unfair and the Doctors are liars in the
extreme. Some will act as they deem appropiate in terms of an "eye for an
eye, a tooth for a tooth" or the rule of seven.

D!ckless, I firmly believe in the rule of seven. I hope you find that

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