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You need a second opinion Posted At 18:30:01 12/30/2000
Marie, I am not a federal worker, but your injury sounds similar to mine. I was completely healthy and had my injury, and my first doctor was careless and unthrough. I became frustrated and sought out a second opinion, thank heavens I did, because the kind of injury I have isn't from degenerative disease. Boy they sure tried to say it was, even though I had absolutely no problems before hand.

You are entitled to I believe 2 second opinions, you need to check and make sure though. What state do you live in? You can call an ombudsman with the state and find out, they may have someone federally too. And maybe think about getting a lawyer or at least talking to one to head you in the right direction.

I have been to a few "Yes Doctors" and they are for the system, so it wouldn't hurt to have a second opinion. And when you go, let him examine you first and then tell him about your first doctor if you so choose, remember if you want to change doctors permanently you need to sign a paper with the first doctors office, but that is down the road. I will tell you though your primary doctor has the most pull so choose wisely. Because they will depend on your first one to discredit the second one. So be sure to make the second one your primary care doctor.
I hope this helps but a lawyer will definately shed some light on a dark tunnel, and you won't be facing this alone. Lawyers usually give a initial consultation, and at least tell you where you stand. And if you do end up needing him you usually don't have to pay until your case is settled.
I hope this helped, go back and read some of the things on this board to get more info, most of us are here to help you avoid some of the things that we have gone through. Good Luck!

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