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DEE Posted At 00:32:54 01/02/2001
You also should be VERY carefull of the doctors workmans comp sends you to for yearly re-evaluations. I am now retired and totally/permenantly disabled in my early 40's from leg injuries. And thanks to their doctors/therapists has gone into my hips and back. It was a fight but workmans comp was forced to pay for treatment of the compensation injuries being directly related to the original injuries. BUT,these compensating injuries were not MRI'ed,telling me I'm already perm./totally disabled and I don't need MRI to show how much pain I'm in.(bullshit!) During my last yearly re-exam (of course, their doctor didn't believe my injuries were as bad as I claimed even though previously treated) the doctor was extreamly rough with me despite my pleas for mercy,putting me back down in bed for about ANOTHER 3 months. An MRI by a friendly doctor showed 3 buldging vertibra in my lower back now. But I can't get another doctor to touch me now. The doctor watch each others backs even if they know they caused harm. And if you walk out on THEIR doctor abusing you your being uncooperative and may loose you benifits. MAKE SURE ALL OF YOUR INJURIES ARE THROUGHLY DOCUMENTED!
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Posted At 19:59:11 03/17/2001

i have one herniated disk, and 4 bulging disks, that i hurt at work, the doctor they sent me to told me it was all in my head, this has gone on for 10 months now, they finally fired me at work, because i can not perform my job, and i have not settled my workmen's comp claim, i do that this week
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