Re: A Doctor that takes out of state W/C in FLORIDA.??

Author Subject: Re: A Doctor that takes out of state W/C in FLORIDA.??
Sharma Posted At 11:23:55 01/02/2001
Dee, hi hon know what there are lots of people like you. And I know its madness. To make things any better you arent alone. If I was you I would start emailing this site to family and friends. The more we can get our stories out the better the chance are. I say go to the and any other church boards of your friends on-line and post that this web address needs their prayers. Let them see what is going on, tell the truth and dont loose faith. Here are wonderful people that put this up so that we could be heard. A person told me in my madness over this all, ( and it was a doctor) You don't throw rocks in glass house and you dont cry over spilled milk. I bet he was making the big bucks and no one has stand in his way of his dreams. Can you guess what I learned from those sayings?
God Bless and I will check around, I know a few people in Florida.

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