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Webmaster Posted At 23:36:23 01/04/2001
The investigator usually checks the current activity levels. They will
want to know if the worker drives a vehicle, when they last saw the
doctor. They will ask what hobbies the worker has. What they do all
day. They will ask about medication the worker takes on a daily
The main reason for the visit is to determine if the activity
level has changed. Sometimes the insurance company has
information that looks like the worker is performing daily activities
at a higher level than when the PTD was granted.

Again keep in mind that the law allows them to investigate every 2 years or more often if they have information showing a change in the status.

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Posted At 21:56:55 01/05/2001

How do I find out how much I have to tell him and how much info he is entitled to, I have seen them violate my civil rights and also used a obmudsman when they broke the rules.
So forgive me for asking but I like to know my rights first now instead of second....
Maybe that would be a great thing to post for all to see, and what to expect, and when to expect it..

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