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P's Wife Posted At 10:53:36 01/05/2001
No, he did not receive a settlement 8 years ago--L & I did pay for reconstructive ear surgery and all that goes along with that, and after the surgery his hearing did improve, but now it has deteriorated substantially. And you raise a good point--you're right--it's customary that L & I would give him a settlement at the time of injury as well as pay for the surgery, but they didn't. I was not in his life at the time this all originally took place or you can bet this wouldn't be happening now! And I can't find that my hubby kept any records of his own. There's no question that he has handled it poorly--it is the employee's responsibility to keep track of everything and I have told him that time and time again, but it still seems like there should be something we could do.

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