Washington state page for injured workers' on this website

Author Subject: Washington state page for injured workers' on this website
Webmaster Posted At 10:59:54 01/05/2001
Links page for Washington state injured workers

WI has been receiving alot of e-mail from Washington state injured workers asking questions about their claims, This has prompted me to create a page on this website with links and information to help our Injured workers to the north, Washington doesn't have an Ombudsman for injured workers like we have in Oregon, With enough encourgement and with help this could change.

Alot more workers' in Washington are becoming active and looking into this issue and they need contact information to help with questions.
Hopefully someone will create a website to reach more injured workers'.

I will need someone from Washington state that has experienced the system first hand to help me keep this page updated.

I do reserve the right to review this information, and it has to be
revelant to Workers' and workers' compensation issues, Ergonomics information etc.

E-mail the webmaster if you are interested in helping with this page
LP Re: Washington state page for injured workers' on this website (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 01:59:17 01/06/2001

I am in Washington State and would be very interested in contributing and doing advocacy work. I have been on disability since Oct, 1999 with a shoulder injury. I can never go back to my job of 22 years, nor would I WANT to. The company I worked for pays my disability through their private insurance company. So far, I haven't had a problem, except for the *3* IME'S they sent me to. What a JOKE!! It is clear these *whores* are paid on a vexatious level accompanying big $$$$. I have a friend who has a huge lawsuit against BOEING. Am sure she would LOVE to tell her story too. The injustices this atrocious system instills upon people is beyond appalling, and the people who have not been through it, cannot possibly understand the repercussions of having a work-related injury. It is simply the worst possible nightmare. LP
BT Re: Washington state page for injured workers' on this website (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:50:58 01/13/2001

I would be very interested myself in helping with this cause. I to have went thru a long injury claim here in Washington, and feel it is time to do something about the way L&I and the so called self insured insurance companies are taking advantage of their citizen. And would like very much to have, and start, a grass roots movement here as you do in Oregon. I am sure if this were to get out, there will be alot of people here in Washington, that would join. Do to the outrageous way we are being treated over here. BT
bmi Re: Washington state page for injured workers' on this website (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 16:03:31 03/06/2001

I have been suffering from a repetitive motion injury inciurd while working for a self insured employer.
This employer has been free to make my life a lousey hell for 5 years and due to there stalling surgery to repair the damage to my shoulder has not been much help.
L&I has been no help at all and I am now being told I'm on my own.
This system MUST change!

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