About knowing the difference of doctors helping and the state.

Author Subject: About knowing the difference of doctors helping and the state.
Iknowthedifference Posted At 14:42:42 01/05/2001
If you want to know what has kept me from mot stopping with the issues that surround workmens comp. Here is how I know the differents. And if you read this post then, please by all means pass this site to not only the ones that need the help fill free to pass this story.
When I was a child at age 5 or so I was in a terrible fire, a fire that took a good and many people to put me back together. Not only was it a mircle but as time went on and as I grew out of my scare tissues, at age 14 I went to Shriners Hospital in Portland for two years. They the doctors and staff, did mircles to put my body back together. As a older women almost four years ago I met another wonderful doctor that gave me surgerys, so that the old age weight gain wouldnt cut my scare tissues off. These surgery'e were plastic surguries, and other kinds to do with skin. Now maybe this was the lords way of making me wise to know the differents, of what doctors can do for you. When I received injuries at work they did nothing to help the pain, so that way it would look like there was nothing wrong with me.( that is where the pain took over my life and reminded me of when I was a child, making it hard for me to stick up for myself. Right where they want you ) I have requested in the last year as my body falls apart when I do little work, a muscle and nerve conduction test for my left arm shoulders and upper back area, ( this has been with a witness ) and still to this day they will not give me those tests. I know its because it will prove that I suffered from over work and that I had a RSI and if that test came out it would also prove how much pain that the doctors kept me in. All but one doctor told the truth, but then I wasnt allowed to go back to him, I was lead to beleive that the next doctor was helping. It took almost over a year and a half to catch on to all this. They did give me a test like it... only below my knees!! Wow isnt that something else. You know as I sit and think, why when I was a child doctors as I grew up helped put me together, and then when you get hurt on the job they don't give you the care you need. Its come to my beleif that with my children around me seeing what is going on that the doctors and insurance places not only are not taking care of me, but also distroying my childrens lifes. Something as a public we have tried so hard to protect. Its my personal belief at this time boy did the doctors waste their time in helping me to live this long to discover all they were going to do is pull me APART. I do have a couple of doctors behind that sceens that are going to help. I do know this though the Lord put me into this workmens comp situation so that we could see what is going on in this State. Everyone that is helping to keep my health reason a secret not writting down what it has been that I have wanted and needed all this time, guess what the Lord put me in the doctors and others path, and its not going to matter when he comes how many people as doctors you saved when I was put in their path god is going to ask them..why is it I sent you this child of mine and you didnt help her? And then I am going to bet what the rest of the story will be. Those poor people that are slaves to the systems, the poor state workers and nurse's that have became a slave of a pay check of weather or not to stand up and tell the truth. You know I wasnt that much on sueing anyone all I really wanted is to be helped and have them all they say they are sorry of what they did to me. Sad that they had to keep this going on as long as they have. For my better life and things I have to get done, I can only hope that they will have faith to come forward and realize there is true forgiveness in this world and thet would me from me and god.
Hang in there everyone do the best you can and keep the faith is the line of hope and change. Do us all a favor and e-mail this to as many people. God Bless you all.
chelle & David Re: About knowing the difference of doctors helping and the state. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 16:12:29 01/05/2001

Good for you Sharma for writing this. Now everyone knows what you have gone through. I myself didn't know what all you have gone through and I think it is great to share this with everyone. Take care of yourself. Chelle
Tarzan Re: About knowing the difference of doctors helping and the state. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 16:22:29 01/05/2001

Sounds all too familiar, I would hope every one would put their story were it can be witnessed.
Whats more sad is it happens everyday, to so many people, maybe not exactly the same story, but surely what steps they'll use to avoid doing the right thing.
I would think when time comes, Saint Peter will know what direction a man needs to go.
You also wonder about medical, like you were talking about skin grafts, growing tissue, growing cartlidge, nerve cells. Replacing broken, missing parts, doesn't it seem clear, how much farther they would be medically, if they didn't have to wade through paper pushers.
Just help people.
Charlie U Re: About knowing the difference of doctors helping and the state. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:18:22 01/05/2001

Sharma,It appears the treadmill of life you are presently on has become
somewhat of a real chore.Hang in there, really isn't appropiate but you must keep the faith.
Having a daughter who was burned with hot coffee at age 3 , 40 yr ago makes me shudder reading
the first part.Wish I could tell you a sea story ,maybe it would make you better for an instant anyway.
gram101 Re: About knowing the difference of doctors helping and the state. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:41:30 01/06/2001

hey sharma!!!glad to hear from you...i know what you're going thru and i'm sorry..sure miss you at work..no one can replace the joy you spread. i was loading a cart for a little old lady last july and as i began to drop the 37+ pound office chair into her cart she yanked the cart away and i tore the rotor cuff clear off the bone!!!the floor had been cut so tight thewre was no one to help me load it and she didn't want to go to the loading dooranyway,i heard a pop and felt a hot flash up and down my arm,,knew i was hurt but when it's really big the endorphins surge up and hide how bad it is...i worked two more months and told them i couldn't handle it..it wasn't getting better.everyone kept thinking it was a teeny tear since i didn't complain much,the doctor gave me a video of what he did...and i was wearing the damn rotor cuff in my neck!!!no wonder it wouldn't rub out..lol.now have two screws and a metal comb pinning the tendons in place..too bad yours happened under"so and so",since the corporate takeover i hope things are changing,the therapist says they sent me to the best surgeon in town for it and i'm coming along fantastically...but we havent got to the place yet where in the "old days"you couldn't get your job back unless you were 100%...so i'm plotting like hell to keep the job..we'll see if they've turned a new leaf and become more ethical...one can only hope ...love ya darlin and miss your controlled hysteria..you are so beautiful to take so much joy from so many things...keep fighting kiddo..xxxooo your friend you know who

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