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jimchudy Posted At 13:29:19 01/06/2001
You stated in a earlier post that once an individual receives permanent
total disability that wc re-evaulates them every two years. My question
is at what age must they leave you alone.

My wife is almost 61 years old. Her accident was in 1987 (14 years ago).
We are having a wc permanent total disability hearing this month, and if we
get awarded this entitlement, at what age will wc stop, and leave us alone.
We do not want to be hounded by them any more in the future.

Thank you for your response back!!!!!
How much do they hound you? Re: Webmaster Question? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:57:03 01/06/2001

Hi unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question, but I am the one from the earlier post. How much have they hounded you and was she already PTD before? Or Has she been permanently disabled all 14 yrs. forgive me for asking but I am at the beginning of the cycle and want to know all I can about it. I am PTD and am still going through the process of WC, and SSA. Thanks for any help you can give.
I am only in my 30's and have hopefully a long time more to live, so I am also interested in your question.

Thank You for all the help you can give me...
Webmaster Re: Webmaster Question? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 01:05:19 01/07/2001

Recopied from a previous post.

The investigator usually checks the current activity levels. They will
want to know if the worker drives a vehicle, when they last saw the
doctor. They will ask what hobbies the worker has. What they do all
day. He will ask about medication the worker takes on a daily
basis. The main reason for the visit is to determine if the activity
level has changed. Sometimes the insurance company has
information that looks like the worker is performing daily activities
at a higher level than when the PTD was granted. Again keep in
mind that the law allows them to investigate every 2 years or more
often if they have information showing a change in the status

A long as the Carrier is paying your permenant disability claim you will continue to have a re-evaluation every 2 years or so.
This is a grey area, Since very few seriously injured workers recieve PTD awards.

A seriously injured worker has better odds a winning the lottery than receiving an award for PTD In Oregon.

During your meeting ask them, will the evaluations last for the rest of her life as long as she has the status as disabled.
Let us know if you ask them that question and pass it along here for other injured workers facing a PTD meeting.
Jim Chudy Re:How much do they hound you? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 01:57:57 01/07/2001

The automobile accident happened in 1987, 14 years ago. As most everyone
knows once you are on wc, you are denied, evaulated, re-evaulated, denied
again and given the run around. You must invest much effort, time, and
money to continue to get what you deserve. At this time I would guess
that I have been through at least 10 IME examinations. Few IME reports
have been favorable, as the doctor gets paid by the insurance company, and
wc seems to get what they pay for, UNFAVORABLE REPORTS.

As far as wc status goes, through time status has varied. It started as
TTD for maybe 4 years. 6 weeks of rehab another status, 2 or 3 months job
search another status, 3 1/2 years lost wage status, MMI status no money
benefits, ammended condition of depression, back to TTD status for a few
years, MMI again, no money bencfits again. Off TTD for close to 2 years.
Application for permanent total disability with hearing set for January 18.
Request for retroactive pay for the last 100, or so weeks since being MMI
last time. Retroactive request over $30,000. Then hopefully weekly pay
for life.

I asked my question with the hopes of receiving my entitlement as a
favorable decision because my evidence appears to be strong enough to
win at hearing. You never know however. If I should win, I do not want
this entitlement taken away in the future. If I win it, I want to keep it.

I am concerned that if I must keep going to IME's that there is no
question in my mind, that unfavorable future reports will be produced.
Hopefully once PPD is recognized, it will be difficult to take away
with ongoing support from my doctors. I am only being pro active.

Take Care!!!!!!!!!
Jimchudy Re: Webmaster Question? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 06:52:53 01/07/2001

I had an automobile accident in 1987 (14 years ago). I got TTD for about
4 years. I was then determined to be MMI, and went off TTD. I now went on
WC rehab status and received the same MMI money amount. I then went to wc
job search and received the same money as TTD. I then got a part time job
with a family member business and got $96/week income from the job, and
received wc lost wages money. I then got terminated and received no money.
I then got depression added to my case and was put back on TTD for about
2 years and received the weekly money checks again. I then was MMI again
and TTD checks stopped again. I was determined at this time by the state
doctor to be permanently totally disabled. I also had reports from my
doctors that I was permanently totally disabled. I then requested to add
new conditions of Fibromyalgia, and degenerative joint disease. I won this
request in another wc hearing. It has been almost 2 years since I was
terminated TTD benefits to this time. I since have had two more IME
reports from a psyc dctor, and a medical doctor in reference to my
permanent total disability application. The wc psyc doctor states that I am
not able to work. The medical doctor states sedentary employment.

I have had at least 15 IME visits, and reports written from them. Most
are unfavorable reports because the doctors get paid to write unfavorable
reports. Since I have been forced to so many IME doctors, I consider this
hounding me. I hate to see wc mail, and see another letter for a IME, or
another denial for necessary medical treatment, or another ws hearing date
is set. I hate to have to ask my doctors time and time again to be
professional writers because I need their help again in the form of a
letter or report. I bet I have made at least 30 requests for letters of
support from them. I hate to pay the letter requests out of my pocket to
pay the doctors for the reports they write. It seems wc is a constant
nightmare that is like the energizer battery bunny on tv, it goes on, and
on, and on. It does not stop. At this point I am almost 61 years old, and
if I should be fortunate enough to get a favorable decision at the wc
permanent total disability hearing, I want wc to stop forcing me to
continue theit tatics. If I must continue, I will, but it sure would be
nice to see there is a date they stop. If it is retirement age, is that
age 62, age 65, or age 100 as far as wc is concerned.

Although by defination, I have been permanently disabled since the
accident, I have not been recognized pernanently totally disabled as of
yet. I have never had and full time employment, or made up to $500/Month.
My hearing is to now determine if I am permanently disabled. I do not
envy the wc system of requirements, and denials on anyone. You will be in
a rude awakening wonc you understand what WC does to injured workers.

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