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Author Subject: Re: About knowing the difference of doctors helping and the state.
gram101 Posted At 23:41:30 01/06/2001
hey sharma!!!glad to hear from you...i know what you're going thru and i'm sorry..sure miss you at one can replace the joy you spread. i was loading a cart for a little old lady last july and as i began to drop the 37+ pound office chair into her cart she yanked the cart away and i tore the rotor cuff clear off the bone!!!the floor had been cut so tight thewre was no one to help me load it and she didn't want to go to the loading dooranyway,i heard a pop and felt a hot flash up and down my arm,,knew i was hurt but when it's really big the endorphins surge up and hide how bad it is...i worked two more months and told them i couldn't handle wasn't getting better.everyone kept thinking it was a teeny tear since i didn't complain much,the doctor gave me a video of what he did...and i was wearing the damn rotor cuff in my neck!!!no wonder it wouldn't rub have two screws and a metal comb pinning the tendons in place..too bad yours happened under"so and so",since the corporate takeover i hope things are changing,the therapist says they sent me to the best surgeon in town for it and i'm coming along fantastically...but we havent got to the place yet where in the "old days"you couldn't get your job back unless you were i'm plotting like hell to keep the job..we'll see if they've turned a new leaf and become more can only hope ya darlin and miss your controlled are so beautiful to take so much joy from so many things...keep fighting kiddo..xxxooo your friend you know who

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