Here is some pretetive medicine,

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OSHA FINAL REPORT IS UP on ERGONOMICS Posted At 23:58:08 01/06/2001
I find this very important not only for the computor people also cashiers as I was one hard working one. Sad to know that you was hard working for a company witb a smile on your face not knowing what it was doing to your body. Sure wish the company I had worked for so hard for all those years would have told me about the other signs, instead of just know about people that get carpel tunnel. What everyone needs to know for BETTER HEALTH is the whole story. Its one of my missions to make sure that people do know about these disease's, before it was too late. God Bless and if you would like more information I have a lot of bookmarks. Here is to better health and knowing about it to have a healthy body.
Nancy Re: Here is some pretetive medicine, (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:40:50 01/07/2001

They did know about Repetitive Motion--Cumulative Trauma injuries. Osha requested standards to prevent, based on NIOSH research in 1982. We've been deliberately denied information or standards to prevent these known injuries for years. An epidemic resulted causing lost income,jobs, and pensions while the victims were blamed. We can thank our great government for prolonged corporate-political games meant to obstruct our health and livelihood rights. Also thank their fraudridden Workers Comp Systems for further fraud and injustice to the employment injured.

The Tobacco companies put warnings on the their product but in spite of this, look at the lawsuits against them. We were denied warnings, known information, and the prevention standards requested. I see no class action lawsuits or legal complaints against those responsible.

I'm beginning to realize that American emloyees as a group suffer from a martyr complex, low self-esteem, and fear of retaliation if they assert their civil and human rights. I attribute this to a lack of organized employee group support. No one can go it alone against the affluent political power of Corporate America. Until we become formidable, organized political adversaries of corporate abuse of power we will continue the martyrdom of ourselves and our families. We are the majority and should be wielding more power. This truth should be brought to our attention and utilized to organize and empower American employees.
LP Re: Here is some pretetive medicine, (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:29:13 01/07/2001

I'm not sure what PRETETIVE medicine is, or if you MEANT to say PREVENTITIVE. If it is the latter, I am TOO late. I was a grocery checker for over 20 years. Many repetitive motions, lifting, bending, twisting, stressful for the mind AND body. My job took a toll on me mentally AND physically, and NOW I have lost my earning power. When I filed a claim in 1999, management(corporate) looked down upon me, as if it were *MY* fault I got injured. Businesses AND corporate america NEED a wake up call as they plainly DO NOT GET IT! Myself and 4 other people from the store I worked at, wrote a letter to OSHA in reference to the *Poor ergonomic work stations*, and how it has affected us PHYSICALLY, and pointed out the detriments involved in checking groceries on a daily basis. Osha came out, video-taped TWO people for 20 minutes and interviewd *a few people*. I think *management* was right there watching in an intimidating way, and those people were *afraid* to tell the truth in fear of their jobs and/or intimidation thereafter. This complaint was NOT substantiated, OSHA said. NO violations were noted during the inspection. There were 4 recommendations for improvement, none of which has EVER been done since OSHA was there on February 8, 2000. So, my question is: What is the purpose of OSHA. WHY don't they DO something about the WORK STATIONS and the dangers THEY impose?? WE write letters, they inspect, and NOTHING becomes of it. Then, if they KNOW you filed this grievance against the company, YOU are on their *S**T-list* forever, and how dare you!! It is 1 1/2 year later, and I am STILL on disability, STILL fighting the *injustices* of this bureaucratical nightmare, and wondering *WHERE* my life is going. I will continue to fight, with the help of my attorney and the grace of God, and I WILL WIN!! If you are in a repetitive job, my advice is to get out, or TRY to talk to your supervisor about modification, because if you don't, you WILL end up hurt, on disability, wondering where your life is going, and FIGHTING with all your might for the injustices in this system of which you are hopelessly caught up in. We all need to UNITE together and stand up for OUR rights to fight the corruption and get what we all deserve. Equality & fairness. Solidarity to all~LP
A.L. Re: Here is some pretetive medicine, (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:54:25 01/07/2001

I worked for the Boeing,for 9 years and during that corse of time I was repeatedly injury, because they wouldn't use the return to lite duty ruling that L&I made (RCW 51.32.090)for those of you that are interested go to L&I web site and click on revised codes RCW then click on the above rcw 51.32.090.Read this hole section. Corps are getting away wtih medically abusing their employees and L&I does nothing about it. They don't get fined for hurting some one so bad that they can't work any more.The workers comp for the state of washington sucks. You have to hire lawyers by the 3's one for workers comp, one for employment law, and one for willful intent to cause injury. And yes you can sue your employer. So to those of you that are hurt from negligence write letters to L&I Gary Moore, he is the director, the more letters that come in to him the better, and O yes be sure to send a copy to the gov. because they don't like that when you involve the gov. Thank you for your time injury worker A.L.
Sharma J Re: Here is some pretetive medicine, (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:34:44 01/08/2001

Yes in post number two that what I was talking about (preventive). Nancy thank you for the post WELL SAID. And dont for get its not just OSHA that wont listen its the STATE, they can do tons of things to discredit you, and keep you in termoil. I never wanted the tax payers money, and since they are not ( the taxpaper ) making the STATE and FEDERAL GOVERMENT listen to our stories, of real life situations then I guess there is no one to turn to. All except for the Lord. Who is going to question a doctor's of the reasons why you were kept in pain? and where is the information in your doctor reports that you tried over and over for them to test you muscle and nerve conduction? And if you get one is it being done right? Slow painful death, they don't have to kill ya they can have you commited instead. All I know is that the humanity in this world is so bad... what happened and who went wrong, why cant they say lets back this up and start over and do it the write way? I can tell you why cause then they would be affraid of the back suets etc etc. The change for the good would to great for the W/C and SSD to take. My Goodness you know what I was thinking how scarey if these people go to church and think they are doing right by the lord. Dont worry for here I know its the Lords work going on hear what I have been through I have no doubt that you all speak the truth. I have notice the truth is hard for people to understand. I will just keep trying to make a differents for the others to come. As far as what I say and do, they all ready know everything more than you know!! So have a great week and hang in there someone has to stand up sooner or later if they care what happens to their grandkids and childrens lifes.
thank you Sharma.

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