What should I expect next

Author Subject: What should I expect next
Back to work now Posted At 18:51:05 01/07/2001
I had my surgery and off work for three weeks. I am now back to work on modified duty and in a wheel chair for the next few months. I do not expect to be medically stationary for months, and will continue to work at light duty. What happens from here. I have to admit the insurance carrier has been rather nice up to this point. They called every week that I was off wanting to know if/when I was going back to work (acting concerned--yeah right!) I will have a perm. disablilty out of this with a huge reduction in range of motion in my foot. I will also need a second surgery at some point to remove the pins/screws and plate from my foot but this may be in a year or two. Do I have to wait to close out this case after the second surgery? I am new to all of this and the insurance carrier is pretty tight lipped about whats the next step.
LP Re: What should I expect next (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:36:55 01/07/2001

Your INSURANCE carrier is NOT...I repeat...NOT on your side. They work for your employer, and it is THEIR job to get you back to work, well OR not. Why did you go back to work, even light duty is my question. If you return to work, they ASSUME you are *fixed & stable*. Are you? I would NOT have returned to work under ANY circumstances. YOU have to live with your pain, THEY or your Doctor DO NOT. Good luck! LP
Tarzan Re: What should I expect next (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:13:09 01/08/2001

I disagree about the return to work. Call it the honey moon stage, go ahead and work, and cooperate all you can, you know they are going to shit on you eventually, save all the money you can rat hole, and get your bills down to a minimum.

Kind of like playing around a rat trap, you know something is going to make it trip. Good Luck.
PLEASE,PLEASE Re: What should I expect next (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:21:51 01/08/2001

Especially if you have to have another surgery, don't wait until they have you over a barrel. At least get a consultation, and see where you stand.I know some people haven't had great luck but others have so check around.
The only person you could end up hurting is yourself. GOOD LUCK!

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