Jan. 4, 2001 RICO Calif. Supreme Court Decision

Author Subject: Jan. 4, 2001 RICO Calif. Supreme Court Decision
Injured Worker in California Posted At 20:14:58 01/07/2001
Jan. 4, 2001 RICO Decision regarding now being able to sue California Ins.
Co.'s under RICO can be found in full at the following site;


I believe that this Decision will have a profound effect regarding the
Rights of Injured Workers in the State of California. The Ins. Co. I have
been in Court with since my injury in 1997 is one of the defendants. Now,
an individual can sue, not just the doctors, etc., by finding an attorney
who will file a RICO for you. Ideally, you would join in with others & go
for class action certification.

Dorothy Mock Re: Jan. 4, 2001 RICO Calif. Supreme Court Decision (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 16:04:24 03/02/2001

i'm not surprised. i've attempted to ctc the us dept just, eeoc. Unfortunately, after a 1st on-the-job injury, my employer decided to destroy me financially as well as the physical damage i already endured due to a freak accident in a sedentary work environment. i originally suffered an impingement of the left a-c joint + cervical, thorasic and lumbar bruising. i've not been paid 1st for 10 weeks after initial injury(even though i went to work every day on modified duty)then a month later for 5 weeks. then i was summarilly harrassed from taking my desk and making me a floating worker every 5 days or so, even against my work restrictions, to being written up for leaving to go to break late, in a customer svc environment, (returned on time), just failed to tell my customer i had to go because it was my break time... to having my wages garnished for what the company claimed i was overpaid after not having paid me. then i had a 2nd freak injury re-injuring the same body parts, where one of the rickety office chairs (fell from one at 1st injury)without warning or provocation flipped over. unfortunately, after all the various instances of harrassment and retaliation, the loss of my car, being a single parent w/ 3 children and an invalid grandmother at home, whom by the way couldn't depend on me to buy a roll of toilet paper or even afford to feed my family. i always felt that there was a conspiracy, the company, the insurance company, the absence management company, against me. after the 2nd injury, i even earned a merit raise and meritted an hefty annual bonus, because in spite of my injury and the enormous amount of pain i was constantly in, when i was able based on my annual evaluation i exceeded and far exceeded expectations. the company finally fired me, citing excessive tardies...denying me unemployment... i supposedly had already reached mmi after 1st injury and w/ no pay couldnt afford the $10 co-pay to see a doctor. after 2nd injury and my memories of the financial devestation i endured, i was afraid to visit a w/c doctor, for fear of retaliation again. thus the company terminated me last 21mar00. i did finally seek legal advice. appealed the unemployment decision and was finally heard 9 mos later. by the way, the company didnt show nor did they send a representative. i did document every daily occurrence from the 1st day of the initial accident till my involuntary separation. i have mediation scheduled for 11apr01...i want to know what to expect. my attorney seems to be full of it...i want to fire him...but it's taken so long to get to this point and i dont want to further delay the situation. any advice??????

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