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Nancy Posted At 20:40:50 01/07/2001
They did know about Repetitive Motion--Cumulative Trauma injuries. Osha requested standards to prevent, based on NIOSH research in 1982. We've been deliberately denied information or standards to prevent these known injuries for years. An epidemic resulted causing lost income,jobs, and pensions while the victims were blamed. We can thank our great government for prolonged corporate-political games meant to obstruct our health and livelihood rights. Also thank their fraudridden Workers Comp Systems for further fraud and injustice to the employment injured.

The Tobacco companies put warnings on the their product but in spite of this, look at the lawsuits against them. We were denied warnings, known information, and the prevention standards requested. I see no class action lawsuits or legal complaints against those responsible.

I'm beginning to realize that American emloyees as a group suffer from a martyr complex, low self-esteem, and fear of retaliation if they assert their civil and human rights. I attribute this to a lack of organized employee group support. No one can go it alone against the affluent political power of Corporate America. Until we become formidable, organized political adversaries of corporate abuse of power we will continue the martyrdom of ourselves and our families. We are the majority and should be wielding more power. This truth should be brought to our attention and utilized to organize and empower American employees.

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