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LP Posted At 22:29:13 01/07/2001
I'm not sure what PRETETIVE medicine is, or if you MEANT to say PREVENTITIVE. If it is the latter, I am TOO late. I was a grocery checker for over 20 years. Many repetitive motions, lifting, bending, twisting, stressful for the mind AND body. My job took a toll on me mentally AND physically, and NOW I have lost my earning power. When I filed a claim in 1999, management(corporate) looked down upon me, as if it were *MY* fault I got injured. Businesses AND corporate america NEED a wake up call as they plainly DO NOT GET IT! Myself and 4 other people from the store I worked at, wrote a letter to OSHA in reference to the *Poor ergonomic work stations*, and how it has affected us PHYSICALLY, and pointed out the detriments involved in checking groceries on a daily basis. Osha came out, video-taped TWO people for 20 minutes and interviewd *a few people*. I think *management* was right there watching in an intimidating way, and those people were *afraid* to tell the truth in fear of their jobs and/or intimidation thereafter. This complaint was NOT substantiated, OSHA said. NO violations were noted during the inspection. There were 4 recommendations for improvement, none of which has EVER been done since OSHA was there on February 8, 2000. So, my question is: What is the purpose of OSHA. WHY don't they DO something about the WORK STATIONS and the dangers THEY impose?? WE write letters, they inspect, and NOTHING becomes of it. Then, if they KNOW you filed this grievance against the company, YOU are on their *S**T-list* forever, and how dare you!! It is 1 1/2 year later, and I am STILL on disability, STILL fighting the *injustices* of this bureaucratical nightmare, and wondering *WHERE* my life is going. I will continue to fight, with the help of my attorney and the grace of God, and I WILL WIN!! If you are in a repetitive job, my advice is to get out, or TRY to talk to your supervisor about modification, because if you don't, you WILL end up hurt, on disability, wondering where your life is going, and FIGHTING with all your might for the injustices in this system of which you are hopelessly caught up in. We all need to UNITE together and stand up for OUR rights to fight the corruption and get what we all deserve. Equality & fairness. Solidarity to all~LP

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