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Webmaster Posted At 19:04:29 02/22/2000
I have copied some links for you to try, They might have the answers that you
may need.
Take care.
I need to update the Medical links page with more Carpal Tunnel links.
Arlene Lumper Re: re:carpal tunnel injury from flagging (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 01:05:48 04/09/2000

I don't understand what you mean by from flagging???
I have had carpool tunnel in both hands, I have torn ligaments in both hands. I just found out thru an EMG test I now have perament nerve damage in the thenar( thumb pad) I have some software that called body works, and it goes into detail about you whole body or any part you choose to learn about. I got most of my info off the web site.Med lab or but that was 2 yrs ago. I will see if I can come up with some and reply again later. Thank you for your time.

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