Labor and Industries corruption!/Can you help us?

Author Subject: Labor and Industries corruption!/Can you help us?
Julie Winters Posted At 16:11:18 01/08/2001

Thursday, January 03, 2001
Fax: President George Bush (202) 456-2461
(Request for Federal Grand Jury)
Fax: Governor Gary Locke (360) 753-4110
Department of Labor and industries
Fax : Director of L&I Gary Moore
(360) 902-4202
Fax: Attorney General Christine O.Gregoire
(360) 586-8474
Department of Labor and industries Division of
Industrial Insurance
P.O. Box 44291Olympia, Washington 98504
RE: Letter dated December 27th 2000/ Labor
andIndustries Fraud!
To whom it may concern:Tina M. Bryant, Claims Manager,
Unit F (360) 902-4526
did send me a letter received on January 2, 2001.(1)
Paragraph I stated:
"In review of this file, we see that you filed a
reopening request earlier this year, it was denied,
you protested, and we asked that you attend an
independent medical exam in order to get the medical
needed to make a further decision. You refused to
attend and the reopening denial was affirmed
A) Who reviewed what file? A "Scheme" pursuant to
R.I.C.O. for the "Enterprise" Labor and Industries.
B) I did not receive denial . Send "proof of service"
C) I did not receive request for I.M.E. Send "proof
D) Are your saying that two medical doctors, in two
different counties, with two separate reports stating
I can not work because of medical problems is not
enough medical evidence to re-open the claim?
Send L&I rule, and RCW's that give more weight to
yourdoctors instead of mine.
E) Does Ms. Bryant have any medical training?
Whoaffirmed this is correct?
F) I hereby request for a medical doctor, who is
licensed and an A.M.A. member, to read the both
doctors reports before, I agree to any more harassment
from the department and their "medical whores" who
write reports the way the department wants them to
therefore hindering and delaying all medical treatment
and time-loss. (Over two years in my case)
G) All injured workers have the right to see the
licenses of each doctor and current -status of said
license, which the state denies. It should be "online"
as this letter is soon to be.H) All, of the injured
workers have the right to
record; videotape said doctors under law as long as
the doctor is notified on said tape: "I am recording
our conversation." They, in collusion with L&I
over-turned state and federal law, without the benefit
of any legislature which is illegal and should be
pursued in a federal grand jury.
I) I have the legal right to see any medical doctor,
and use his reports to re-open my claim. If not,
present me with all the citations that say I have
norights under L&I rule.
J) What law commands that any other injured worker or
I have to be examined, abused, lied about by any IME
panel of "Medical Whores" who are not "Independent" of
the state, as the state falsely advertises.
(2) I hereby request all of my records on paper Claim
P365804 be sent to me immediately to correct all of
the miss-statements recorded therein pursuant to RCW
9A.60.050 and will proceed against Ms. Bryant unless
she corrects the False Certification in said letter
ofDecember 27th, 2000.
I hereby request all of the papers Ms. Bryant referred
to, and the "proof of service".Paragraph II stated:
"We have now received another reopening application
and are up against the same issue. There is not enough
medical to support that there is a worsening of your
condition beyond pain, which is a subjective
complaint. We will be sending you out a letter of
appointment for you to attend and exam. If you do not
do so, we will be denying your reopening request."
A) You will describe in detail my current condition to
include your objective findings.
B) Do not threaten me, after making "materially false
statements" RCW 9A.72.010. You have done so "under
color of law" which will be considered "perjury" when
entered into evidence before a federal grand
juryhearing.You have been Notified!
Julie Winters P.O. Box 59582 Renton, WA. 98058
Thursday, January 04, 2001
To whom it may concern:I received two letters to day,
from Ms. Bryant- one
dated December 28th, 2000, and one dated January
I have been scheduled for an I.M.E. with the same
doctors who falsified the last report.
My doctor "Dr. Clark" is owed $680.00 as of this date.
The other doctor in Everett, Dr. Tyler Burbank is
I have made the co-pay of $28.00 to him.
I will owe a co-pay of $62.00, if L&I "cost shifts" my
medical bills to Medicare again.
This cost the taxpayer millions of dollars each year.
I want to know why they are not paid.
I want to know why my time-loss has not been paid.
I phoned to-day, and requested a doctor that belongs
to A.M.A. not the ones that work for L&I who are
retired, have no license, or have no connection
withany hospital.
Julie Winters P.O. Box 59582 Renton, WA. 98058
Mary Wiltfong Re: Labor and Industries corruption!/Can you help us? (Currently 2 replies)
Posted At 16:12:57 01/08/2001

Honorable Governor Locke I have written you before about:
L&I claim # x129427 and you helped me a great deal in
getting my pay. Since the last letter I have had to
take them to court and they were ordered to get this
claim settled. However, they finally paid me and now
they are saying my Dr. can't take me off work and then
it was he isn't my dr. When I proved to them he was
my Dr., now they have cut off my care through him.
According to law chiropractors ewon the right to
be treated as Dr. at least 10 years ago. If Dr, Marsh
could take me off work and he is a CDhiropractor then
why can't Dr.Burbank as he has the same liciences.
I have to right to see and choose my own Dr
according to law, yet L&I are depriving me of DR. care
and my wages since Oct.23,1999. Some one has to do something about the way
injured workers are being treated. Please help.
Yours Truely
Mary I. Wiltfong

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