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Sharma J Posted At 19:34:44 01/08/2001
Yes in post number two that what I was talking about (preventive). Nancy thank you for the post WELL SAID. And dont for get its not just OSHA that wont listen its the STATE, they can do tons of things to discredit you, and keep you in termoil. I never wanted the tax payers money, and since they are not ( the taxpaper ) making the STATE and FEDERAL GOVERMENT listen to our stories, of real life situations then I guess there is no one to turn to. All except for the Lord. Who is going to question a doctor's of the reasons why you were kept in pain? and where is the information in your doctor reports that you tried over and over for them to test you muscle and nerve conduction? And if you get one is it being done right? Slow painful death, they don't have to kill ya they can have you commited instead. All I know is that the humanity in this world is so bad... what happened and who went wrong, why cant they say lets back this up and start over and do it the write way? I can tell you why cause then they would be affraid of the back suets etc etc. The change for the good would to great for the W/C and SSD to take. My Goodness you know what I was thinking how scarey if these people go to church and think they are doing right by the lord. Dont worry for here I know its the Lords work going on hear what I have been through I have no doubt that you all speak the truth. I have notice the truth is hard for people to understand. I will just keep trying to make a differents for the others to come. As far as what I say and do, they all ready know everything more than you know!! So have a great week and hang in there someone has to stand up sooner or later if they care what happens to their grandkids and childrens lifes.
thank you Sharma.

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