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Hannah Posted At 22:16:18 01/09/2001
1.I have seen a Workman Compensation Lawyer(Knee injury at work..Nurse)
2.Doctor did not give me work slip to be removed from floor work, though he states I need a cane or crutches, and no ambulatory work. I was not given follow-up appointment no pain medications. 3.I am still presently working with much difficulty and pain along front of Knee Cap and inner side of knee..4. All X-Rays taken show need for surgery. 5.My workman Compensation papers have been accepted.6.The lawyer told me to keep working would look better for me in court(since Doctor totally neglected a workslip.7.After Doctor realized I went to Lawyer he sent my Progress Notes to Modified Work Dept.8.They where unable to clear me from the floor because doctor did not offically remove me.9. What do I do ? 10.Now the Lawyer said its between me and my doctor to make these arrangement.11. This lawyer along has been telling me "Just keep doing what your doing"ie:keep working.12. I feel Doctor and Lawyer are both big screw ups!!! 13. I am in major PAIN and no one is meeting my needs and I will be paying this lawyer 12% of settlement and he tells me nothing "Just keep working". Help Please !!!!!!!!!
Chris Re: Question (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:45:51 01/10/2001

Hannah, you should just keep working and should not have gotten an attorney, they are all crooks. X-Rays can not show you that you need a knee surgery. You need an MRI. I would get a second opinion before ANY surgery.
Not True Re: Question (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:08:55 01/10/2001

Hannah, Not all Comp. Attorneys are crooks, as a matter of fact there are several pretty good ones out there. Try and get a second doctors opinion, I believe you are entitled to 2 or 3 depending on the state you live in.
I would start with a new doctor and then see what your attorney has to say then if not then I would find a new attorney also.
If you want to get a new opinion from a new attorney first then I would see about talking to another attorney on a consultation.Good Luck, and remember don't go against your restrictions, because it can backfire on you. And if your doctor hasn't given you the appropriate slip then go back and get the right one, remember he's working for you if not time to find a new one.

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