Re: Opponents to Seek Repeal of Worker Protection Measure

Author Subject: Re: Opponents to Seek Repeal of Worker Protection Measure
Nancy Posted At 19:55:08 01/11/2001
Dear Watchdog,
Where are our worker's or labor union attack dogs? Why aren't the victims of occupational RSI-MSD injuries suing???? I see a lot of RSI Advocacy and Information groups out there struggling to do the job that Osha and our Government has already been paid to do by tax paying workers. I have repeated this over and over. Osha requested standards to prevent RSI-MSD injuries in 1982, based upon citizen funded NIOSH research. For almost 20 years we have been unjustly denied this information and/or standards to prevent known RSI-MSD injury.

Why have we been denied our tax funded rights to health and safety in the workplace?? Our Political system allows corporate abuse of health and safety rights, aka the corporate buying off of legislatures, a system of prostitution governs our country.

Not only have powerful corporations bought away our rights to prevent these known workplace injuries, but they bought away our rights to workers compensation justice for these preventable injuries. Few doctors are educated or competent in this area of occupational injury. They are ignorant, biased, and incompetent. Most victims of RSI-MSD are subjected to doctor shopping, caused by the corporate-political sabotage of this known occupational injury.

Is there no outrage or demand for justice from the victims
of this corporate-government betrayal??? If there is no outrage, we obviously have accepted living in a country that has become a despicable farce, and outrageously betrays it's citizens.
Wake up!!!! Get educated!!!! Don't be a chump!!!!!Realize that we citizens are really in charge!!!! Join together and do something!!!!! Sue their asses off!!!!

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