Re: Opponents to Seek Repeal of Worker Protection Measure

Author Subject: Re: Opponents to Seek Repeal of Worker Protection Measure
ANTI_TOS/RSD/ Posted At 00:00:31 01/12/2001
Yes I agree. So I will be busy doing my part. You know to this day you can walk through stores and ask cashiers what does RSD or TOS or CTD mean, and they dont have a clue!! And by the time they do it will be to late cause all they are doing is what the companies tell them to do and that is go as fast and do as much as they can for a pay check that wont even come close to the damages it does for the rest of your life. Wait till the signs start showing up night after night and when you stop doing the work all together the pain is all too great I can tell you about it, I am left handed and scanned with one hand/shoulder and to this day not much use after a hour of trying to keep them up. I MY CASE ONE DOCTOR HAS WRITTEN THE TRUTH OF WHAT I WAS SAYING AND TO HIM GOD BLESS to the REST of Doctors like I had will tell you its muscle spasms,the next will tell you its bone spurs and then when you figure it out they refuse to give you the one test that will tell it all (THAT IS IF ITS DONE RIGHT) HOPEFULLY FOR YOUR CASE THE MUSCLES AROUND YOUR SPINE ARE STILL ABLE TO HOLD IT UP. I about puke everytime I even think of what I have been put through. 100's of customers want to know what happened to my smiling face, well I tell them remember how hard I worked and the side jobs that I did next to my register? You know the ones that were rolled away As soon as the big guys of the corperations walk in everything that managment had you working on is put in the back and out of sight. Well it took my health. No Store Director/Managment wants the secret out why their bonus check is so much, the reason being not because HE OR SHE was good at what they do but because they have works the arms/shoulders/hands off of their employees and kept the store under staffed so that the check would even be bigger. I wonder how a bonus check feels knowing it cost a employee their health? No I dont even want to know, because I know it bites just being on the other end and NO ONE HAS GAVE ME THE CHECK AND PAYMENT FOR THRASHING MY BODY. I WONDER WHY I WASNT TOLD A HEAD OF TIME WHAT THIS HARD WORK WAS DOING TO ME? TO FEED AND HOUSE MY FAMILY I WORKED AND SMILED HARD. NOW MY FAMILY/CHILDREN HAVE to SUFFERED OVER getting a 427.00 welfare check after 13 years of employment and 187.00 in food stamps. And do I want to work wouldnt you if you had to live on this much?
I WILL MARCH FOR THIS CAUSE I WILL MARCH FOR OSHA'S new PROGRAM IF THAT IS WHAT IT TAKES!! And I will post to no end. I will not turn around and put my head in the sand. They can lock me up if they want, or do what ever else, I wont stop talking about it till it is MADE RIGHT OUR WORKMEN COMP LAWS. Sometimes when I hear that OREGON had another HEALTH CARE PROVIDER walk out and close their doors, I think I bet it is because of our COMP LAWS, everyone knows if you can get away with claiming it on your regular insurance then do it causes it sure is alot easier to fool those folks and not near the home wreaking as it does to tell the truth.

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