Thank God Chavez quit before getting job as Labor secretary

Author Subject: Thank God Chavez quit before getting job as Labor secretary
Watchdog Posted At 00:37:50 01/12/2001
I know that this forum is for workers comp related issues, But all working families in this country should be happy that Chavez gave up her bid for Labor secretary.
President elect George Bush is very anti-worker, Did you all know that the state of texas has modeled it's workers comp system after Oregons.
There is one attorney in Texas that will take on a workers comp case, Texas has strangled the workers by keeping attorneys out of the system.
This is an outright violation of our right to Due Process, a guarantee afforded every US citizen except Injured workers. In Texas Injured workers
are considered a different call of people, This is outrageous to say the least. I urge everyone her to contact your Lawmakers in Washington and do what you can to fight for these Ergonomics Rules.

For Your Information

Chavez Withdraws as Secretary of Labor Nominee…
Linda Chavez has withdrawn as President-elect Bush’s Secretary of Labor nominee, but the real issue remains whether Bush is willing to nominate someone who will defend the interests of working families. Chavez’s nomination was undone not so much by her legal transgressions in housing and employing an illegal immigrant – but by her attempts to conceal her actions. However, a review of her record on labor issues should have provided greater cause for concern about her qualifications for heading up the Labor Department.

What Chavez Stood For Must Still Be Challenged…Here, in part, is where Chavez stood on core labor issues:

She opposed the 1996 minimum wage increase and supports allowing states to opt out of future increases in the federal minimum wage;

She supported a proposal to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act to eliminate the 40-hour workweek for overtime in favor of an 80-hour standard over two weeks, with an employer option to grant comp time in lieu of overtime pay.
She opposed the Family Medical Leave Act.

She argued that job applicants give up their right to privacy when applying for a job and that employers should be able to obtain and use information about potential employees’ history of work-related injuries and claims

She opposes affirmative action and has argued for repeal of portions of the 1991 Civil Rights Act; and,

She railed against the Teamsters’ UPS strike in 1997 and castigated the AMA for voting to consider unionizing.

Any other nominee with a similar record on issues affecting working families and our unions should also be rejected.

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