One More Thing!!

Author Subject: One More Thing!!
HANNAH Posted At 16:40:30 01/12/2001
I am getting sick and tired of seeing Nurse's abused....they (or most of them) have very painful injuries related to Joints(knees, elbows fingers etc) and this is like Padora's Box the actual Hospitals don't want Nurses thinking these types of Repetative Motion injuries are related to there Jobs. Nurses push Wheelchair with Heavy patient in them, move beds from one floor to another with equipment and heavy patients in them. Transfer patient to and from commodes that are sometime bigger then they are.
I see no reason why Joint destruction is not included in this Picture, by Occupational Health Dept. at most Health care Facilities. Over many years of said above activity you just wear down.......and by the way Who would like a 67 year old Nurse.....since this is are given Retirement Age now. Or for that matter, even and old Teacher or Old Police officer......something just don't make good sense. Early retirement should be for all stressful Jobs. I say 55-58 maxium period. Then bring in new blood and young legs and wear them out. ........
Tarzan Re: One More Thing!! (Currently 1 replies)
Posted At 18:00:56 01/12/2001

I once read, two guys with a crushed hand.

One a 35 year old legislator, the other a 53 year old carpenter.

Which one or both would be eligible for early disability.

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