Re: Opponents to Seek Repeal of Worker Protection Measure

Author Subject: Re: Opponents to Seek Repeal of Worker Protection Measure
LP Posted At 13:56:35 01/13/2001
I can relate SO much to the above comments, as I was a grocery checker for over 20 years. When my *privately* owned store was bought out by a large corporate chain, that is when *things* started happening for the worst. This company led you to believe they were *here* for you on every possible level. They were NOT. When they came in and remodeled our store, they changed all the checkstands, and in effect, they were completely opposite of what they had been. They also brought in new registers and a new system. So we were all forced to LEARN all new codes AND procedures and memorize at least 50 produce codes, then be tested, scan groceries completely BACKWARDS(which was extremely awkward and put an enormous strain on the body in general),and work around the remodeling process. I filed a claim 6 months after working under these conditions, as I lost the use of my left arm and shoulder due to the STRESS of reaching and grabbing groceries in a most *awkward* and *poorly* designed checkstand that CLEARLY HURTS the body. I wrote a letter to OSHA and explained to them that they NEED to have this company comply with OSHA standards in order to keep people from being injured and filing claims. NOTHING has, or WILL be done to correct this problem. OSHA came out, wrote a report, recommended changes, and STILL nothing has come of it. Unfortunately, it WILL catch up to the people I used to work with eventually, and they will have to *live* with the repercussions of working in an unhealthy work station, because the *COMPANY* feels there is nothing wrong with the design. Do you think MY company cares? NOT abit. This is just another example of *corporate greed*. I am never returning to that form of work, and would not want to. However, now the quality of MY life has been greatly diminished. I have written letters to congress, representatives, OSHA, my UNION(UFCW), and NOTHING comes from it. I personally think *WE* are fighting a losing battle. How does anyone *fight* the corruption under this mendacious system?? Now with BUSH in office, it can only get worse. LP

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