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bad link What if the Insurance Company's Posted At 15:04:41 01/13/2001
What if the doctors have been billing them ( your regular health insurance saying it isnt and you know different) And you know it is work related? Would it be right to call your regular health insurance company tell them what is up and what happened and ask them to send a lawyer and a doctor to prove your case for you? Or tell them to send someone from their company, first before telling them and have a protection, agreement written up? Its a long shot but I think if they didnt want to pay the bills and had a way out of it would it work?
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Posted At 18:20:07 01/13/2001

My employer's company insurance paid a portion of my occupational injury treatment for seven years, while my self-insured employer fraudulently denied my case. My medical portion was almost $6000.00. I would rather have invested that in an IRA.
I'm not aware of a payback to the company insurance, but who knows what arrangements take place in back rooms. Social Security did demand and got a payback from me. Why I had to pay back SSI when my self-insured employer forced me into SSI by delaying,denying,and threatening all my rights for five years doesn't make any sense.

How many would agree that the Workers Compensation system now primarily exists to delay and deny the rights they promised,-- and to cynically punish those who dared to assert these rights. WC is an Exclusive Remedy that denies us legal protections of equal access and due process, the right of all other citizens. Since we are without these legal protections, the system is more like the exclusive remedy of Nazi Fascism. There was a method to this madness.

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