BT Posted At 18:14:30 01/13/2001
Just to let you all know there is a Dr. by the name of, Brent Burton occupational Dr. In Oregon that I was sent to. This man is the prime example of the Insurance Doctor. He lies thru his teeth and makes up things as he see fits and doesnt even need your medical history to do this just makes it up as he goes. Saw four different Drs. All respected in their fields, and they agreed in favor of myself, but the insurance companies Dr. Burton, lied, and they accepted his conclusions over four intellegent Drs. Needless to say I am having one heck of a fun battle. So beware of DR BRENT BURTON.
I am just about ready to name mine also. Re: OREGON DR. TO LOOK OUT FOR (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:03:25 01/13/2001

If they dont want to hear my side of what happened and want to keep beleiving the people at WORKMEN COMP SELF INSURED, then I am ready to name some too and If I cant my friends and family will take care of it in the end. I have 14 tapes that I have turned over to the proper person. I told her if anything happens to me then take it to a movie producer and sell it so that my family will be taken care of. It will be a story this state.. will never forget, nor will god forgive them for it untill they come forward and speak the truth while the lives that they have damaged live on and are ready to hear the truth only at that time will they be forgiven by me and the Lord.

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