injured on the job

Author Subject: injured on the job
bob brugge Posted At 16:51:05 01/14/2001
huray for you guys, i'm glad to know that some one is standing up for the injured worker. my problem is that i amputated my right middle finger on an unguarded tablesaw. i have many questions about my right to sue and about my right to reaquire the position i held at the time of injury. please contact me at if there is anybody that can help me with my dilema. thank you and please keep me posted on upcoming events.
Patti Re: injured on the job (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:46:18 01/25/2001

Hi, I don't have any info on your problem but i have the same thing.I lost tha tip of my fingy rt. hand ring in a machine accident at work they reattached it but now i'm stuck in the process. I have alot of pain and hand is always cold the finger feels like its on fire and numb most of the time. would like to here if you get any info.

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