Nancy Posted At 14:34:56 01/15/2001
YES, we do have the right to be informed of a known potential threat to our health and safety. We, the working citizens fund NIOSH and OSHA for that sole purpose. Their job is to perform research and initiate standards meant to protect our workplace health and safety. It is a known fact, that information and standards to prevent Repetitive Strain and musculo-skeletal injuries have been sabotaged, subverted, and denied for years. This conspiracy in America's workplace has been ongoing since 1982, after OSHA first requested prevention standards, based on NIOSH research.

Now 2001,18 years later, Repetitive Strain and Musculo-Skeletal Disorders allowed to become a workplace epidemic, we are still denied our right to be informed and protected. Added now is the threat of law suits claiming their right, to deny our right to be informed and protected.

Exclusive Remedy, AKA Workers Comp "denies" injured workers the right to Due Process and Equal Access, the constitutional right of every other American citizen. There has been continued denial of our right to known information and standards requested by NIOSH/OSHA Agencies for 18 years. This is a compounded obstruction of justice, denying our right to known injury prevention information, and the denial of rights to equal access and due process after being injured. This conspiracy to abuse, injure, and defraud America's workers of their basic rights to justice and survival is Demonic. We have grounds for serious and severe charges.
LP Re: DO WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE INFORMED?? (Currently 1 replies)
Posted At 23:29:26 01/17/2001 I go again.....telling ALL cashiers(grocery checkers particularily) that just because they may not be *hurting* now, does NOT mean they won't down the road. It took almost 15 years for it to catch up with me(muscular-skeletal, that is) and have now PAID the price of UNSAFE working conditions. Yep...I wrote a LONG letter, along with 3 of my fellow employees to OSHA, telling them, EMPHASIZING the damage the *checkstands* and system was creating.Did they come out and CHECK out the complaints of 4 people in ONE store? Yep....about 6 months later, stating they found no justification for the complaints. They did "recommend* 3-4 areas that could use "improvement"??? They video-taped 2 checkers performing *normal* duties for 20 minutes. Wrote their report, sent ME a copy and that was that!CASE CLOSED. Do you think this store has made any improvements for the *safety* of their supposedly "valued" employees? Hell NO! And they won't because they simply DO NOT CARE. I am injured. My loss of earning power is gone. My life, like many others has been turned upside down. Our cries for justice will not be heard on deaf ears, and there is plenty of *those* around. What is the answer? I have written everyone I can think of in terms of the *political* circle in the state of Washington. I offer my thoughts and opinions, I TELL people how I FEEL, and HOW it has affected my life. Somehow, someway....*WE* have to end this madness. I tell everyone I meet or KNOW about the dangers in checking groceries, and to BE NICE to that person behind the counter, because, even though they are smiling, they are more than likely in PAIN, one way or another. This goes for ALL people in the work force who do repetitive work, deal with the public, lift, bend, twist, squat and stand all day at their jobs. Do we have a right to be informed?? YA DAMN RIGHT WE DO!!!!!! LP

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