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DEE Posted At 06:55:54 01/16/2001
A functional capacity test, tests for your range of motion and strength. i.e. your ability to function and to what extent. I have been through 4 of these tests within the first year of my injuries before they finally decided I was total/permenant disabled. My case involved the legs, but with being pushed by Doctors and therapists, developed compensation injuries in hips, and lower back, but I've seen people go through it for other injuries also. (upper body)
The test is on a machine,like a weight lifting seat bench that you sit in and are strapped to sitting up, which is connected to a computer. The therapist will tell you to do a specific motion.."lift/straighten your leg as far as you can get the range of motion without hurting yourself. This is hard enough....but it is without any tension/weight attached. Then they have you do as many of these leg lifts as possible without tension/weights in a specific time period. Then with each progressive section of the test they add more weight/tension. The computer prints out a graph with lines of differnt colors that tell you where your strength/weakness is at a particular weight and where in that movement you had the most trouble....bringing your leg up or down and at what point it weakened/locked ect. and yes the tension/weight is on both raising and lowering your legs, one leg at a time. It is an exausting and painfull test,unless you are in good shape to begin with and enjoy doing bench press leg lifts. The machine will not over power you, you are in control of your range of motion and the machine will not let you go further that you could go on the first lift that sets the range. That way you are less likely to do further damage to yourself. They did my tests at the begining and end of a new therapy sessions to tell how much I had improved throughout the therapy. (every 6 months) it is a very expensive test, but can show if your strong enough to go back to work or if you still have a problem and to what extent.
AND YES THIS INFORMATION IS FOR THE WORKMANS COMP. AND THEIR DOCTOR! DO NOT HURT YOURSELF TRYING TO PROVE HOW TOUGH YOU ARE! IF IT HURTS LET THE THERAPIST KNOW IMMEDIATLY! IF YOU CAN'T FINISH LET THEM KNOW (you'll may still have to finish the test,but they may let you rest at certain points...I was in tears trying to push myself) The therapist is right there with you the whole time.
Sorry, this stuff can be scary enough without horror stories My experence with this wasn't good (you can probably tell). I tried to keep my experience out of it as much as possible. Not all experences are as bad as mine was. I hope your problem isn't too serious or painfull.

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