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Fred Johnson Posted At 11:03:12 02/24/2000
Isn't this familuar, another point on the same issue. Acceptted condition, right elbow fracture. Go to the Hospital, diagnose, right elbow fracture. Sprained right wrist, patient denies neck problem. X-ray left side for comparison, one side looks simular to the other, isn't that the way it should be, assuming there is no left side problem.
Doctor is paid to fix right elbow problem, the quick and dirty fix is excise the radial head. Patient refuses this sergury, doesn't sound like it would work. Later developes more problems, right wrist begins to become the major source of pain.
Patient is obviously faking it, he did break the elbow, not the wrist.
A year later, the pain in the wrist & elbow is subsiding enough to start noticing pain on the left side, which was not effected in the fall. After all doesn't the paperwork say he fell auquardly on his outstreched right hand. Take an x-ray, and tell the patient there is no problems, on the left.
Shorten Ulna, 4 months later say patient is ready to start retraining. No further sergury will do any good.
Find another doctor, after the first refuses to do any more, is this because he was paid a flat fee for fixing right elbow.
Second doctor offers an oppinion, he sees a loose body, on the MRI which suggests, an arthroplasty might do some good. At the last minute he says now patient wants to remove plate in the forearm, and he also believes a partial resection will do some good. After being paid to fix the obvious, he also refuses to do any more.
After claim is closed, a lawyer steps in to help, he gets the claim opened on an aggrivation, which is not really an agrrivation at all, but a continuation of what has come before.
A third sergury, this time by a third doctor, whos says we will try to clean up the radial head but if it doen't work we will remove the radial head.
The IME, 3 months and one week after sergury, this no it all says, there is no more that can be done, on this day the patient is stable.
The take no for an answer, hard headed carpenter, who can no longer do the work, god intended, pays for his own unnessary old-age related cosmetic, distal ulnar resection combined with, carpal tunnel. Oh carpal tunnel where did that come from, didn't complain about that before, and the left wrist, the guy did fall auquardly on the right hand, the left must have been in his pocket. And carpal tunnel is an excessive use thing, doesn't have anything to do with trauma, he would have complained a long time ago, if he wasn't lying now about these new conditions. And of coarse the denials go on and on, will it ever end. More food for thought.

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