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Get a Lawyer Posted At 09:28:07 01/19/2001
I'm not sure what state you live in but I know in Oregon, I believe you have to except a modified position if your company makes it for you, but be careful not to go against your work restrictions. If you do it can let them off the hook. I was reading some of the statues, and that one was in there. You have to take what they offer you, if you are not able to do it then, speak up, just don't go against your restrictions.
I would get a lawyer, I believe that you are almost Medically Stationary, which is nothing more medically can be done for you, and that is when the rules change. Get the advice of a attorney ASAP, even if it is just a consultation, a work comp. attorney though. It is a way of protecting yourself, in case you can't do the job. I'm pretty sure I'm right having gone through it myself, but maybe some others on the BB can help too. I do believe you are entitled to 2 other medical opinions, also, so maybe your lawyer can find a good doctor to get a second opinion. Good Luck!!!

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