Re: What is next after MMI ?? Please ALL respond I need some advice!

Author Subject: Re: What is next after MMI ?? Please ALL respond I need some advice!
Tarzan Posted At 09:52:13 01/19/2001
This is where Dimitri comes in. Let's say the doctor gives you a weight limit of 25 lbs. They catch you on film carrying a chair that weighs 50 pounds.

They'll ask you at IME, CME, LIE, how much can you lift, or what gives you problems. It's really all about catching you in a lie, I don't know about clean hands, it's OK for them to lie but not you.

Bottom line be honest, ask for help to move stuff, if you can't turn the wheel on your truck without ruining your other arm, tell them. Hopefully your doctor will ask for somekind of modified work, that'll keep you out of trouble.

Beware of the training programs, that will be next. About the best possible job would be 7-10 bucks an hour. Inspite of the claims the Tech Schools will make, don't believe them.

And be intouch with your mental state. Need help get it. Same with a lawyer.

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