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Lost Posted At 11:16:57 01/19/2001
Thanks for posting, I am new at using this forum and did not think my question went the first time...sorry all. My left wrist and elbow was bitten by a dog. I am a outside sales person. It tore the tendons up pretty bad. Then to top matters off I developed RSD, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. My left arm is very very painful, and I can only lift .7 of a pound. The weight restriction was 20 pds. also, no over head work and no gripping. I am to get a knob on my steering wheel as soon as work comp agrees to pay for it. But the worst part is mentally I am messed up by the medication and don't think straight. I have an atty. who has been very little help thru this process. I do have a family doctor that understands the problems of RSD and is very kind to me. If I do get worse or feel I can not do the job will he be enough to take me off the job? The doctor said he was going to do an impairment rating to send to wc ins co. If they have not setteled with me on the origional accident will this still be part of the claim? What happens if they don't agree to pain for the evaluation and training involved with the steering knob, and work tells me to report first thing Monday morning? If I can not drive yet with out the knob, what then?

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