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Not sure Posted At 11:37:51 01/19/2001
Your doctor can make you not fit for work, and or rate you at light duty, you can have your doctor take alook at the job they want you to do and see if he thinks you can do it. He can also write out a form stating what you are able to do as far as your work position goes, your work can give him a description of the job your going to do and he can reply to it.
Have you talked to your lawyer about them putting you back to work? And that you might not be ready? I would call him and talk to him and maybe he can get together with your doctor first. I know that is what happened to me, and then I couldn't perform the job and they were unable to find a position for me and didn't want to create one. So be sure and get both of them involved, because it is their expertise that you need right now.
Find out from your lawyer about the knob and returning to work without it and also not being able to drive, you are paying him not the reverse so keep him involved.
You have to have a doctors release to return to work, and without your stearing devise how can you drive to work. I would find out if my doctor is willing to release me without it. And on what terms he is willing to release you.

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