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Dog Cop Posted At 22:05:48 01/19/2001
I am sorry to hear about your injury, it sounds really serious. I am also an injured worker being raked over the coals by the system. But I am also an animal control officer. Have you went after the dog owner for damages? Dog owners are responsible for all medical bills and pain/suffering. If your lawyer hasn't sued the socks off of them yet, get another one. Dog Bites are big business these days and I have testified in court on minor bites that would fund the college education of the young bite victim. Sounds like you have got one heck of a third party claim going for ya. By the way.......which county did this occur in? Hopefully not the county that I cover! Good luck with your injury and if you go back out on the road carry mace, it may save you from anohter bite!

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